Historical Postcard of Hotel Cour du Corbeau in Strasbourg

We have stayed at the Hotel Cour du Corbeau in Strasbourg a couple of times. Just a couple of weeks ago, I ran across this historical postcard, showing the building in its former stage.

It might be safe to assume this postcard is from around 1930, because this was the year the Cour du Corbeau was listed as a historic monument.

Cour du Corbeau, Strasbourg, ca. 1930

For more about its history, visit MGallery Cour du Corbeau

For a more contemporary one, you can read my blog post: 24 hours in Strasbourg

A Good Reason to Travel

“I am ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.”

– Lebron James

As much as I love to travel, I also enjoy coming home. Two weeks of holiday is usually more than enough. I come home loaded with new ideas and clippings for projects, recipes, blog posts, etc.

These inspirations keep me busy – until my next trip.


Rental Home ‘Maison Bleue’ in Josselin, Brittany

We had a lovely rental home in Josselin. It is the one at the end of the lane with the blue door, hence the name ‘Maison Bleue’. It is a typical Brenton stone cottage, and is fully renovated and well equipped.

Maison Bleue in Josselin, Brittany

The first thing I did, after we arrived from Cancale, was to water the flower boxes in front of the house. A neighbor lady observed me doing this, gave me a thumbs up, and called across the lane ‘C’est très gentil!’

We had 30C (86F) almost every day during that week, and so watering the plants in front and back became a daily thing to do, which I like doing. I also enjoyed sitting in this little courtyard in the back on most mornings and evenings.

Over the years, we have also learned to bring an electric fan on every trip.

Flowers and Insect Hotels in Josselin

This Hôtel à Insectes is down by the canal in Josselin. This is a very inspiring construction in regards to  sustainability. I wish we had one like this in Oberursel, so I plan on spreading the word in the right places.

Insect Hotel in Josselin

Along the canal, my husband and I stopped for a cold beer at a restaurant’s garden terrace. We got to meet the owner’s cat coming around our table and she let us pet her. Halfway into our beer, the cat came back with a rat in her mouth! We tried to keep up our conversation, but got sidetracked by the ‘cat and mouse game’ going on in the hedge…

Hydrangea is dotting the landscape around Josselin.

We took a nice long walk around the remaining parts of the city wall.

The Day Before the Josselin Medieval Festival

The town was getting ready for the big day – the Josselin Medieval Festival on Saturday, 14 July. Booths were getting set up on Friday and the task was finished by evening, so there was already some buzzing in the air. We took a stroll through town, and ate at the best restaurant in town, ‘Le Prieure de Clisson‘, a Tapas restaurant (they also serve Paella).

Josselin is a quaint little town or better yet, a village, with a population of close to 2500 residents.

This was one of the seven dinners I had. This was at ‘Le Guéthenoc’, and I would call their selection and taste average fare.

Salade du Berger

The Breton version of the crêpe is a galette, a pancake made with buckwheat flour, and usually with a savory filling.


When I saw this worn out mailbox, it reminded me of Germany’s red gumball machines, which, if any left, are in the same condition. I wonder if people still use this mailbox…

Mailbox in Josselin

We left town the next morning, the day of the festival, to head back to Germany.

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