Schweinfurt Military Housing – Askren Manor

Much has been said and written about the closing of Ledward and Conn Barracks in Schweinfurt, one of the largest U.S. American bases in Germany, which is to be completely carried out by 30 September 2014. This post is about Askren Manor, the housing which is supposed to get completely torn down.

Askren Manor is the largest on-post housing area  with 674 stairwell apartments as well as 26 duplexes, all in within walking distance to Ledward Barracks. Other facilities include  the elementary school, commissary, school age services, and the child development center.

We had spent another weekend in Schweinfurt and on our way home again, we were heading towards Niederwerrner Straße, where we stopped for a photo on the side gate. The mesh wire fence has become almost obsolete by now.

mesh wire fence

We are approaching the corner of Niederwerrner Strasse and John-F.-Kennedy-Ring.

Coming from Ledward on  Niederwerrner Strasse

Askren Manors, Schweinfurt

Just passing by some of the buildings on the John-F.-Kennedy-Ring. Too bad we had the Grüne Welle (synchronized traffic lights) and could not slow down, which made some photos a bit blurry.

Askren Manors


Askren Manors

The gate to Askren Manors

Askren Manors

The latest I heard was to turn Askren Manor into a completely new housing development and Ledward Barracks becoming a sister college (i-Campus) to FHWS Würzburg.

More about the i-Campus:;art742,8036003 in German.

Quoted from the article: Im Herbst sollen die ersten Studenten für den FHWS i-Campus der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (FHWS) nach Schweinfurt kommen….”

(Starting with the fall semester 2014, the first 100 students are expected to enroll at the i-Campus University of Applied Sciences in Schweinfurt.)


  1. Greetings everyone!!

    My family and I lived on the 3rd floor of Askren Manor from January-June 1993 . We PCS’d Concurrent Travel, Command Sponsored, on a three year tour. But unfortunately, I developed problems medically, and was honorably discharged on 7 Jun 93 as a Staff Sergeant (E6) with almost 11 years active duty.

    We had a five bedroom apartment, as we have four children. I remember it very well. The ceilings were slanted on the sides with the full height at the windows only. We’d have to duck down on the sides so we didn’t hit our heads. I also remember it was pretty cold at night when the heaters turned off automatically. It was cold in the morning until the heat kicked back on.

    When it came to grocery shopping, we were right down the road from the Commissary. We’d have to carry our groceries up those flights of stairs. By the time we were done going up and down the stairs numerous times, we were very tired!!

  2. Dear Ron Ralph,
    I live next to Askren Manor (or what’s left of it). Do you have any pictures or more infos about your stay. I’d be really happy to hear some more of your memories. If you want any pictures of what’s left of the commissary (it’s being torn down just now) or the house you lived in write me a few lines. Thanks.

  3. I lived on the 3rd floor in the Army housing building facing west towards the green fields. Poplar street. It was a 5 minute walk to school. The wind wafting through the birch trees would put me to sleep at night. I would catch bees with Peter Zelkenat after school. Stupid stuff you do as a 3rd grader.

  4. Sounds like you had a perfectly good childhood living there – including the silly stuff, which many of us did too. 🙂

  5. My family lived in Askren Manor from 1983-1984 (we moved to Stuttgart) and it one of the most memorable periods in my life. We lived on the last street, which when facing the building there was a baseball field to the right and slightly behind. Behind our house we faced train tracks.

  6. Lived there in 2007 My husband was stationed here. We came with our 2st born and I was pregnant with my 2nd, one of the most wonderful times of our lives. I will always miss this place.♥️

  7. Lived on the economy but went to Schweinfurt Jr. High in 1976. Then caught the bus in the housing area to go to Wuezburg American High school until 1980. Awesome time!

  8. Joyce Wallace says

    We lived at 522R, cedar st from oct. 83 till jan. 86.i wish I’d taken more pictures, but I will never forget our time there.i took my 4 kids to Italy the summer of 85,and we had a blast.and xmas at the german market was so pretty.its so sad that it’s now all gone.

  9. Gordon Hagewood says

    From July 1983 to June 1985 we lived in a duplex across the street from future Army Chief of Staff GEN Eric Shinseki. Very nice family. At the time, then LTC Shinseki was commanding 3rd Infantry Division’s 3/7 Cavalry Squadron. Lots of great memories from that assignment. Local populace was friendly and we’ve never had better wurst and schnitzel. Moved to Darmstadt for our last two years in Germany.

  10. A. Holland says

    I lived along Birch Str. in the house furthest back by the fields, right next to the duplex’s. My parents, sisters and I lived there from 2008-2013, and I still have dreams about it frequently. (I actually just woke up from one.)
    Despite some of the good memories of the place itself, my dreams tend to portray everything as run down and dilapidated. Which is not at all how everything looked or how I felt towards the place. I gained more and more freedom as a young teen while living here. It’s the only place where I’ve lived more than 3 years my entire life so far and a part of me misses it…
    So much so that I remember the layout for three of the bases like the back of my hand.

  11. Joyce Wallace says

    So sad that it’s all gone! Will never forget our time there.

  12. JOE FUELLHART says

    We lived in one of the duplex,s in 1971,72.On Jackson street.We would have dirt clod fights with the German kids at a high school that was being built.I was 13 my sister was 15.Elton John’s Crocadile Rock was on the airwaves.Suzy Close was a neighbor along with Richard Reid.I will always treasure those days.They were my wonder years.

  13. Deanna Liarakos says

    As a child, I lived on 2B Cedar Street around 10 years after World War II. What a magic time to recall. I’m so sad to see photos of its destruction now. I’m glad I have the memories and I wish I had photos from that time.

  14. We lived on Jackson st #2 from 1972-1976. It was at the end of the street. I remember walking to the school there for 4 years as well. There was very little security nor fences. We would come and go from the housing area at will. We enjoyed walking to Ledward Barracks to the movie theater and bowling alley and to shops down town. including an outdoor ice- skating rink. Great memories!!

  15. I lived in askren manor around 2012 just 2 years before the closing and everyone leaving, I was just 12 years old but still have so much memories of walking around with all my friends and being able to really do whatever since it was all on base. I reminisce just about everyday. I really do miss it, the community at the time was one of the greatest in my childhood.

  16. Hi Noah, glad to hear you took some good memories with you.

  17. Denise Miller says

    We lived at #3 Jackson Street around 1965. Almost neighbors! Loved it there.

  18. Joseph M Fuellhart jr says

    I lived on Jackson Street also in 1972.We lived at the third duplex on the left heading towards the railroad tracks.I was 13 years old dont know the number but they were some of the best years of my life!

  19. I lived in Elm Street. 1983-1986. Great memories. Sad that everything is gone.

  20. Anne-Marie says

    I lived on Poplar Street from 1960-1964. Great memories…our balcony looked into the green pastures…the school was 2 minutes away. We used to go to the see one of the farmers who gave us flowers from his garden.

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