Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

My favorite spot in the world is right here on the balcony, where I’m surrounded by birds singing, dogs occasionally barking from the nearby animal shelter, seeing a squirrel climbing up a tree, and once in a while on a warm day, you can hear the clatter of dishes in someone’s kitchen.

… if you are at peace, you are living in the present.

– Lao Tzu

Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

My husband’s former college buddy, Mike from Towson, MD, has come to visit us. We are in the middle of a drought, and therefore really do not consume much beer. Ice water is in higher demand.

Tomorrow’s temperature in Frankfurt is supposed to go up to 39.4° C (105 F) in the land where only some big businesses have air-conditioning. Hospitals, schools, and private homes generally do not have A/C.

Mike from Towson, Maryland

Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Our current guest, Lady, enjoys the beer balcony too. I suppose she experiences her own ‘dog days of summer’ during this current heat wave.

Lady, our charge for two weeks until tomorrow. We will miss her.

Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

My friend Martina, whom I had met here in Oberursel at a Halloween get-together about ten years ago, has moved away. But we do reunite about twice a year, and usually finish off our meeting-up on the beer balcony.

Martina S. from Eschborn

You don’t have to be crazy to be my friend. I’ll train you. 🙂

House 460 at Askren Manor in Schweinfurt, Germany

In my line of work, I run across some interesting research inquiries. One of my readers would like to know more about the history of the house 460 at Askren Manor, which he purchased in 2016 (after the U.S. Military left in September 2014, and the installation was returned to the German government)An. With his permission, I publish the photos he mailed me to help with the research.

This is what the new owner, Thomas S., has to say:

I grew up near Schweinfurt (village of Arnstein) and two years ago, I bought a house at Askren Manor. It’s the one next to the General’s house (the army number was 460). Unfortunately, not much remains of its old army history these days. I really would like to find out more about what happened here within the last 70 years. I would be very interested in knowing more about the house’s history, its former tenants, photos, etc.

House 460 at Askren Manor, Schweinfurt


Rear view of House 460 at Askren Manor, Schweinfurt


460 Askren Manor, Schweinfurt

If by any chance, you know someone who lived in house 460, have any photos of it from before 2016, or used to play with the kids from house 460, etc., please get in touch with me. Any information would be appreciated. I will then connect you with Mr. Thomas Siebert. He would love to hear from you.

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