The Mountain Lodge at Camp King Oberursel in October 2017

We took another walk around our Camp King neighborhood on this gorgeous autumn afternoon.

Commemorative plaque ‘Former Camp King’ near the old main entrance


Sledding and Oberreifenberg/Taunus in the Winter

Driving up from Oberursel to visit some friends in Oberreifenberg one afternoon, we passed these wintery scenes.

Sledding at the Sandplacken Pass (669m), which is between Oberursel and Schmitten.


 View onto St. Georg Church in Oberreifenberg

Oberreifenberg Church

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Guided Kronberg Castle Tours

During the summer months, international visitors to Kronberg Castle have the opportunity to join guided tours in the English language.

The 2013 tours take place on the following Sundays: May 5, June 2, June 30, July 28, and September 1.

Each tour begins at 16.30h and lasts about one hour.

Admission is 5,00€ (children 3,00 €, families 10,00€).

Dorothea Peukert
Public Relations
Burgverein Kronberg e.V.

First October Snow in Germany

Quite a few people might be rubbing their eyes this morning when they look out the window. I did so as I stood in front of the coffee maker and looking out the window, I saw tons of tiny flakes being hurled around.

Combined with a strong wind, the snow is changing directions every few seconds.

Here in Oberursel, we are at the foot of the Taunus Mountains, but I personally cannot remember ever having seen snow as early as October, at least not in Germany.

It is a beautiful sight.

Just for the record – today is 27 October 2012.

Swimming Lake near Oberursel

There are quite a few outdoor pools in the Taunus area, but with the most recent stretch of cool weather, there had been no need for any of them.

From some friends I heard about Hattweinweiher, (Weiher means pond) in Usingen, which is a very nice place to be on hot afternoons.

We walked around the pond and had a very good dinner (i.e. potato salad and spare ribs for euro 7,90, and a generous portion as well) at Restaurant Neumann (open all year).

There is a sand beach, but you can also go on a bit further for less sun and more privacy under the trees.

Swimming lake Hattsteinweiher

From Oberursel, it takes about 20 minutes via B 456 ->275 to Usingen,  then turn left onto Kreuzgasse and follow the signs. You will find the turnoff for the lake on the right side.