September Notes from Istanbul: Fethiye Museum – Pammakaristos Church

Among the important churches built under Byzantine rule in the 11/12th century is the Pammakaristos Church, which is now the Fethiye Museum in the Çarşamba neighborhood of today’s Fatih district.

Pammakristos means very happy in Old Greek. The museum also houses the most beautiful examples of 14th century Byzantine mosaics. It was renovated in the 1930s.

This church museum is a real jewel.

Fethiye Museum in Çarşamba, Istanbul

Fethiye Museum in Çarşamba, Istanbul

Pammakaristos Church - Fethiye Museum

Pammakaristos Church in Fatih, Istanbul

Museum guard at Fethiye Museum in Istanbul

Museum guard at Fethiye Museum in Istanbul

Fethiye Müzesi map

The entry fee is TL 15 per person.

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A Good Reason to Stay Home

”Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.”

– Charles Kuralt

The Faroe Islands - on the road from Skalabotn to Rúnavík

The Faroe Islands – on the road from Skalabotn to Rúnavík in late October 2015

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Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Several days ago, my friend Birgit stopped by for a short visit. We had four hours, and the time went by quickly. We had not seen each other in 16 years.

Like most German friends, she returns mainly to see her family in our mutual hometown, Schweinfurt, in Germany. Nowadays, friends try to squeeze in visits by either visiting right after the arrival at the airport, or just before the departure from the airport. In between, with family in tow and the distance within Germany, it is difficult to see each other.

Birgit stopped by the evening before she left for her trip back to the USA the next morning.

It was a fairly mild November evening. We started off with Glühwein (mulled wine), nevertheless.

Beer balcony Birgit Richardson

Birgit, a former colleague and friend from Schweinfurt, has been in California for close to 30 years

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September Notes from Istanbul: Old Greek Quarter

We stayed at a friend’s place in Fatih, which was only a ten-minute-walk from the old Greek quarter of Istanbul. Some parts are really run down, while some buildings show a lot of potential for a revival. We walked around there in the morning hours, and hardly anybody was around.

Istanbul-Greek quarter -1

View down to the water.

Istanbul - Greek quarter

Some buildings need love and funds.

Istanbul-Greek quarter corner house

This building showed more life, and we ended up talking to the residents, Turkish-Greek-Germans who live in Rosenheim/Germany during the year.

Istanbul - Greek quarter -2

Old and New - in Istanbul

Istanbul-GQ up the street

With few people living in that part of the Greek quarter, it also lacked shops and restaurants. The few working people I saw were rebuilding homes. This is a good start.

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September Notes from Istanbul: Galata Bridge

This view is from the Galata Bridge, across the Golden Horn onto the Asian side of Istanbul. The lighted structure is the Galata Tower  at 60m (196-ft) in height.

Galata Bridge

… and looking back onto the European part of Istanbul. At dusk, the city is buzzing with social life.

Galata Bridge and restaurants

You can also watch my short video: Istanbul at prayer time

Our Turkish friend mentioned she does not even hear the prayer call anymore.

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