Where’s Maria?

Today I’m going on my next three-day trip to the place where this kind of glass is made. Can you guess to which European island I’m going?

Hint: I’m going to have pastizzi, drink a Kinnie, spend euro, and speak English.

Malta vase


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A Good Reason to Travel

The greatest cure for a small mind is travel.

– Mark Twain


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German Advent Calendar for Beer Lovers

The advent calender (German: Adventskalender) counts the days from 01 – 24 December, when we celebrate Christmas in the evening.

The tradition of the advent calendar dates back to the 19th century (Lutheran origin) and was originally intended for children to shorten the waiting period till Christmas Eve.

This would make an interesting present for anyone new to Germany and should be given before 01 December.

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A Good Reason to Travel

Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.

– unknown

fall leaves

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Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Yesterday evening, I wiped the balcony table once again, this time to entertain my friend Andi.

We had met in Oberursel at a friend’s housewarming party about seven years ago. She immediately knew I was from the Franconian part of Germany and having lived there herself for a number of years, we instantly connected.

It was too cold for beer and we had mulled wine (German: Glühwein) and a very good time.

Andi beer balcony

With Andi, who can also understand the Franconian dialect.

I expect more friends from London to show up this weekend – it is nice to know the beer balcony is good for making and maintaining friendships.

My friend Anise once put it like this, “That balcony of yours is gonna put the UN to shame one day”.

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