Regent’s Canal in London

If you need to get away from London’s bustling streets, then a leisurely walk along the Regent’s Canal is a good counter measure. This was in late March, and spring had just turned the corner.

Regent's Canal

Regent’s Canal

Yes, we wondered who inhabits the villas perched on the other side of the canal.

Villa along Regent's Canal


Regent's Canal 2


Boat on Regent's Canal

Here we left the Regent’s Canal on the northern end. With its benches along the way, empty boats passing by, a few ducks here and there, it is quite an oasis amidst this lively city.

Regents Canal


London in March

These are some of my favorite photos I took in London late March. Blue skies and sunshine galore! London is said to have more sunny days than Miami, FL.

End of Regents Park

Being German and not overly prolific in history, I had never heard of this British war hero, Guy Gibson before.

Guy Gibson was one of Bomber Command’s most famous officers during World War Two, and was awarded the Victoria Cross for leading the legendary Dambuster Raid of 1943 (Ruhr area).

Guy Gibson birthplace

Guy Gibson birthplace

The full English breakfast is a must-do-once on each visit to the U.K. We had this at a little corner store near out hotel. After some chatting with the Turkish owner, I asked him if he could make Menemen for us the next morning. Unfortunately, he was closed the following day. He also mentioned his forthcoming visit to Stuttgart to see one of his cousins. Wherever I go, there is always someone who has family in Stuttgart. 🙂 This must be a popular town.

Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

We stopped at Borough Market, where my husband enjoyed four huge oysters for  GBP 7. Not my kind of snack right after breakfast, but I guess we only get the opportunity to do this while traveling.

Oyster guy

The Tube and its stations is not an easy place to work. Some of the underground walk ways are so drafty, it almost takes your breath away. On the other hand, I did not see a single hair salon in the three days of walking the streets.

Around the underground, people are always running. I did not see anyone in a wheelchair, nor with a cane, or with any kind of walking impediment. They’d get run over.

In 2015, 2091 accidents happened from running on the escalator. Riding the tube itself is pleasant, but getting there is like a race.

Message from the Mayor of London - March 2016

Message from the Mayor of London – March 2016


Three Days in London

In late March, we flew to London for a few days to visit our son who’s attending London School of Economics (LSE) this year. We wanted to see how he lived, and also visited LSE to see where our money goes.

This is just an eclectic selection of impressions from our visit. The first one is the view we had from our 4th floor room in  The Bridge Hotel on Borough Road in London. It is in a very good location, and a short walk from Borough Station. As with many hotels in London, at least the ones I’ve been in, the rooms are rather small, but suitable for a three-day stay.

View from Bridge Hotel on Borough Street

We did a lot of walking and I actually ruined an old pair of shoes from all the stop-and-go foot traffic. We had terrific weather (had read somewhere that London has more sunny days per year than Miami), and  so it was easy to spot all the shiny coins lying on the sidewalks. Yes, while on holiday, I find coins several times a day.

We stopped in the pub The Duke of York on our last night there. Oh, the noise. And it wasn’t even crowded. We just drank our beer and avoided any kind of vocal communication. My husband and I just nodded to each other when it was time to leave.

Street in London

We had read about The George Inn, an important stop if you are interested in London’s historical pubs. It was once a coffeehouse, also visited by Dickens, and is London’s last remaining galleried inn. It is also the only pub in London to be owned by the National Trust.

The George Inn

After a good meal and some beer at the George Inn, we continued onto the London Bridge for a little stroll. I really stuck out wearing a read coat. This could prove useful if we were to get separated. Unfortunately for my husband, this did not happen. 🙂

On the London Bridge

I love London.

Winter Landscapes around Oberursel

We’ve had a fairly mild winter up until mid-week. A few days ago, it started getting colder and we got some long-awaited snow. I recognized my photo opportunity right there and then. El Niño could be back in a flash.

‘GlĂĽck ist der Zufall, der auf Bereitschaft trifft.’, I heard on TV yesterday. Basically, your real chance comes when conditions change, and you are prepared and willing to go along. Off I went to capture nature’s rapture on camera.

With the above statement, the announcer was describing a German skier’s luck in yesterday’s Ladies’ Ski Cross World Cup qualifications in Watles, Italy.


snowy path Germany

Somewhere near Oberhöchstadt, about 6km from Oberursel

Beer Balcony in Winter

Overnight, today being 4 January 2016, we got our first snow of the winter, but some drizzly rain had washed most of it away by the late afternoon.

But it did look beautiful this morning, when I stepped out on the balcony with some coffee in hand. Oberursel lies at the foot of the Taunus Mountains, and so we are more subjected to winter weather than Frankfurt.

I have my friends and family over in all kinds of seasons, and this is the view they get over mulled wine.

beer balcony in the snow