Winter Landscapes around Oberursel

We’ve had a fairly mild winter up until mid-week. A few days ago, it started getting colder and we got some long-awaited snow. I recognized my photo opportunity right there and then. El Niño could be back in a flash.

‘Glück ist der Zufall, der auf Bereitschaft trifft.’, I heard on TV yesterday. Basically, your real chance comes when conditions change, and you are prepared and willing to go along. Off I went to capture nature’s rapture on camera.

With the above statement, the announcer was describing a German skier’s luck in yesterday’s Ladies’ Ski Cross World Cup qualifications in Watles, Italy.


snowy path Germany

Somewhere near Oberhöchstadt, about 6km from Oberursel

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Beer Balcony in Winter

Overnight, today being 4 January 2016, we got our first snow of the winter, but some drizzly rain had washed most of it away by the late afternoon.

But it did look beautiful this morning, when I stepped out on the balcony with some coffee in hand. Oberursel lies at the foot of the Taunus Mountains, and so we are more subjected to winter weather than Frankfurt.

I have my friends and family over in all kinds of seasons, and this is the view they get over mulled wine.

beer balcony in the snow

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Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Yesterday evening, we enjoyed a short visit with friends from Nottingham. Jeannette had been on the beer balcony once before, but this time, we got her husband for the photo as well.

For some reason or another, I am fond of Nottingham. Our son spent three years at university there, so I got to visit the city a few times. He is no longer there (now in London), but Nottingham is on my travel list.

The perfect place for a cup of mulled wine is the beer balcony.

Jeannette & Clive

Jeannette and Clive from Nottingham, U.K.

They also brought a stash of assorted beer along.

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September Notes from Istanbul: Fethiye Museum – Pammakaristos Church

Among the important churches built under Byzantine rule in the 11/12th century is the Pammakaristos Church, which is now the Fethiye Museum in the Çarşamba neighborhood of today’s Fatih district.

Pammakristos means very happy in Old Greek. The museum also houses the most beautiful examples of 14th century Byzantine mosaics. It was renovated in the 1930s.

This church museum is a real jewel.

Fethiye Museum in Çarşamba, Istanbul

Fethiye Museum in Çarşamba, Istanbul

Pammakaristos Church - Fethiye Museum

Pammakaristos Church in Fatih, Istanbul

Museum guard at Fethiye Museum in Istanbul

Museum guard at Fethiye Museum in Istanbul

Fethiye Müzesi map

The entry fee is TL 15 per person.

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A Good Reason to Stay Home

”Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.”

– Charles Kuralt

The Faroe Islands - on the road from Skalabotn to Rúnavík

The Faroe Islands – on the road from Skalabotn to Rúnavík in late October 2015

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