Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

The Beer Balcony season is now officially opened. On 9 May, we had our first visitors on the balcony.


Next to Czech beer and Korean Cheongju (청주), which we mixed to make Somek (쏘맥), we also some retro party food, such as the Käseigel (pronounced: Kä-se-i-gel).



And now to the better part of the evening. We enjoyed five hours of sitting outside, while catching up with the past nine years,  and current events.

BB with JungWon and So-Hyun

JungWon and Sohyun, two Korean students currently attending the University of Hamburg for an exchange year.

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Schweinfurt Purchases Ledward Barracks

The city of Schweinfurt has purchased the entire compound of Ledward Barracks, the former U.S. military installation, from the Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA). According to city officials, the municipal council approved the purchase in its meeting on Tuesday.

Subsequent to the notarization of the deed, Mayor Sebastian Remelé and the representatives of the BImA will discuss further details in the main conference room of the city hall on Thursday. Municipal press spokesperson and finance officer, Anna Barbara Keck, stated that the purchase of approximately 26 hectares (64 acres) of land will secure plans for converting the former installation in addition to meeting the city’s developmental needs.

Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt

Ledward Barracks (East Gate), Schweinfurt, November 2014

One segment – 4 hectares (9 acres) – of the former barracks’ area, including six buildings, will be leased for a period of 5 years to the state of Bavaria for the purpose of operating a reception facility for persons seeking asylum.

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A Good Reason to Travel

What is holding me back from traveling more is definitely not a lack of money. With inexpensive flights, special offers, low-priced hosting/traveling accommodations, etc. abound, there is plenty of room for almost everyone’s budget. I just lack the time as I keep busy coordinating/paying for regular trips.

  • Giving daughter a college tour in the U.K. during spring break
  • Helping son move out of his U.K. college dorm by flying over and helping moving his stuff back to Germany in June
  • Attending son’s graduation in the U.K. in July
  • Putting daughter on a flight to Los Angeles to accompany her friend touring the west coast for colleges in July
  • Husband flying to Pennsylvania/USA for three days to attend a family wedding in September

And yes, in regards to long-term travel, I lack the courage and will to cut myself out of family life for more than a month.

If you’re foot-loose and fancy-free, then go ahead and check out for a while. This is the best kind of education ever.


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Solar Eclipse and Brewing Beer in the Dark on the the Faroe Islands

Back in 2008, I visited my friend Mariann on the Faroe Islands and fell in love with the landscape, the shores, and the islands’ serenity.

Faroe Islands

Mariann just sent me this notification. For those of you with limited Faroese language skills, here is the English version of the announcement (source: VisitFaroeIslands on Facebook) for the Total Solar Eclipse and beer drinking happening on 20 March 2015.

Vagar Airport, the international airport in the Faroes, is located on the island of Vágoy.

The Total Solar Eclipse, which this year can only be seen in the Faroe Islands and Svalbar, is only 33 days away!

Føroya Bjór, a Faroese brewery, have produced a limited edition Solar Eclipse beer.

What’s special about the beer is that it is brewed only in complete darkness and when there is a full moon. The raw materials used are distinct. The water is Faroese, and there are three different types of beer- and wheat malt.

The beer is spiced with special hops imported from New Zealand called Nelson Sauvignon, which relates to the grape of the same type. The beer is golden like the sun, and leaves a dry aftertaste, making it resemble white wine.

If you’d like to come and enjoy a one-in-a-lifetime experience (and some Faroese beer), there are still flights, ferries and accommodation available.

For more information about the Total Solar Eclipse, visit

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A Good Reason to Travel

Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.

– Jack Kerouac

Bäume im Winter

Urselbach in Oberursel

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