Reconstruction of the Old Askren Manor Housing, Schweinfurt, Germany, May 2020

Thomas L., a Schweinfurt resident, who had recently purchased House 460 in the former Askren Manor housing, sent me the following photos to share with you. These have been taken this month, May 2020.

Askren Manor Schweinfurt, reconstruction May 2020
Former Askren Manor Schweinfurt

“Goodbyes, they often come in waves.” – Jarod Kintz


  1. Fredrick Rayn says

    I lived there as a child from 1969 to 1972 ,my father was stationed there . I was thinking about my father and decided to check out schwienfurt military base. It started bring back a lot of memories of my childhood.

  2. I lived there at around the same time as you . Went to Schweinfurt Elementary. Had Mrs. Athenian for first grade , she was my favorite teacher, thats the only reason I remember her name There was a playground that we would walk through to get to school and the
    A Y.A . We lived on Elm St. I had alot of great memories there, and was sad to see it was to be torn down

  3. I lived there in 1955 when my Father was stationed in Schweinfurt. Spooky place, still trying to figure it out!

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