Ledward Barracks in Schweinfurt

Friday evening we arrived in Schweinfurt for our weekend visit. We still had some time before meeting family, so we decided to swing by Ledward Barracks.

Ledward Barracks

The gate on the right was closed and the barracks looked somewhat deserted.

Ledward Barracks

The left gate had just opened to let this big bus in.

Intersection at Ledward Barracks

By 2014, all troops will have left and the same is happening with Leighton Barracks in Würzburg now.

The latter news were just published two days ago, with an article in the Mainpost Newspaper Würzburg kauft Leighton-Areal (in German). The city of Würzburg is buying Leighton for euro 130 million.


  1. Russell Satterthwait says

    Found your comments interesting. I served with the 1st Battalion, 10 Artillery at Ledward Kaserne from Jan. 1965 to may 1966. I occasionally had dinner at the Gemeinde Haus in town and recall ordering a dark red dry wine that an elderly gentleman in the establishment was drinking. It was good and labeled Frankreich.

  2. Russell, I’m glad to know you have some pleasant memories!
    Have you been able to revisit Schweinfurt at any point in your life?

  3. Russell Satterthwait says

    Maria Shipley:

    No, I have not visited Schweinfurt since I was separated from active duty. Approaching 70 years of age this week I doubt if I will. While on Ledward Kaserne and about town I often took my camera with me and took photographs of the town as well as Wurzburg while stationed there on temporary duty in the Spring of 1965. I recall wandering up the Main River footpath to Mainburg and photographing the castle and gardens. Fine recollections of a beautiful country.

    Russell Satterthwait

  4. Russell,

    I’d like to ask you to share some of your old photos with us – surely other readers, namely former G.I.s stationed around Schweinfurt and Würzburg, would appreciate it.

    It almost makes me a bit sentimental to think about it…

    The Mainberg Castle has a Weinfest up there every summer and we usually go there.

    Here is a photo of Mainberg, overlooking the Main River: http://kurre.de/index.php?id=175

  5. Russell Satterthwait says

    Maria Shipley

    My photographs of Wurzburg and Schweinfurt proper were taken for Kodachrome slides, but there are several printed photograps of Mainburg.
    What address should I use?

    Regards, Russell

  6. Russell, I have just sent you a private message with the header Ledward Barracks Schweinfurt. Thanks so much for your offer!!

  7. George Strickland says

    I visited the Mainberg Schloss also while stationed at Conn Brks. as I remember it , it was in pretty bad shape…but interesting. I rented a 2 bdrm apt. there in Mainberg…(60 DM) circa 1967-1969….thank you for sharing the photos.

  8. George, thanks for mentioning the monthly rental fee of 60 DM. This put me right back in time…!

    The Mainberg Schloss is in such bad shape that it is often talked about in the local news. It needs major renovations, but lacking the funds.

    But it seems a new pub has just opened up within the castle on 10 March ’13, with only weekend hours, but nevertheless.

    Next time I visit Schweinfurt (the long Easter weekend in Germany), I would like to have dinner and beer at this pub called “Brunnenstube” in Schloss Mainberg.

    Yes, I will take photos.

  9. David Twombly says

    I was at Pinder barracks 1948 until the summer of 52 when our unit moved to Schweinfurt . I met a girl and were married 1954 in the city hall. Ledward was rather small back then and even when I went back in 58 with the 3rd Div. Looking at it before it was turned back it had really grown. My hang out was in Gochsheim. But I still miss Zirndorf more as that is where you can say I grew up.

  10. Thanks, David, for sharing your story. I had never heard of Pinder Barracks before.
    I grew up in the village of Hambach (now part of Dittelbrunn), which is about 7 miles from Gochsheim.

    More on Pinder Barracks: http://www.nbg-mil-com.de/Pinder/pi.html

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