Notes from Antalya, Turkey

Nobuko, world traveller and occasional guest-blogger, is reporting from Antalya, Turkey.

Antalya in November 2012

I took the bus from Konya to Antalya. I basically had no particular reason to go there besides the fact that Konya was getting very cold, and I wanted to go to a warmer place, any place with 20°C or more.

Antalya has a beautiful old-town section called Kaleici. But I have to say, Antalya is better for couples or group tours. There are tons of shops and many bars playing all sorts of live music. I went to a bar and listened to traditional Turkish music and had three glasses of wine. Oh my god, did I mention how good their wines are??

Anyway, despite Antalya’s near-perfect set up to entertain tourists, I felt out of place as a single person traveling alone. I stayed only two days – long enough for my washed clothes to dry in 22°c temperature.

Antalya, Turkey

Edit: Nobuko, the wine must have been pretty good; especially since you sent a beer photo along with this post.

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