Lunch Specials at Seoul Restaurant in Oberursel

Some of you might know I love Korean food. If I ever had to choose my Henkersmahlzeit (last meal), it would be Korean.

My favorite Korean restaurant is Seoul Restaurant at Hohemarkstraße 194  in 61440 Oberursel. It serves very good food, is in walking distance, and I find the service excellent. Being Korean style service, the lunch menu usually gets served within ten minutes. Or even less.

Some of the Mittagstisch (lunch specials) prices have gone up from euro 10 to euro 12, but you do get a lot for your money.

My favorite dishes are red and spicy:

Kimsambok (listed as gebr. Kimchi Schweinefleisch),

Yugkejang (listed as: scharf Rindstreifensuppe) and

Kimchijikae (Kimchi Suppe)

Speisekarte Seoul Restaurant 7:2016

The lunch menu was initially only in Korean, but now they’ve added German (which needs improvement), and Chinese.

This photo shows Kimsambok in the foreground and a Fried Rice Omelette with seafood (listed as gebr. Meeresfrüchte), which is the big yellowish dish on the left. All lunches come with side dishes. The photo was taken a while back, since then even the plates have changed.


Koreans generally do not tip the service staff, but I always do. I used to be a waitress in my younger days, and so I do appreciate their hard work. And they do smile, when they see me.

Sabai Sabai Thai Restaurant Review, Oberursel

A couple of weeks ago before our son Thomas flew back to England to resume his studies, we went to Sabai Sabai * Thai Restaurant for dinner. It was our son’s idea as he had just returned from a two-month teaching stint in Thailand and wanted to compare Thai food made for the German palate.

He now knew quite a bit about Thai food and so this seemed the obvious choice for our farewell dinner in style. The restaurant itself used to be the German guesthouse Gaststätte Stadt Strassburg, which closed its doors around 2007.

The interior looks spacious when you first come in. There’s the obligatory portrait of the Thai monarch on the wall with two big elephants underneath. The window sills are lined with orchids and other Thai decor. The ambiance is pleasing.

But for four people and four dishes as well as beverages, the tables are a bit small. We had to do a bit of moving plates and glasses throughout dinner.

Service was excellent. We enjoyed listening to Thomas’s small talk carried out in Thai with the waitress (yes, they have an authentic staff) and then ordered his recommendations.

I chose the Pat Thai which was excellent. The crumbly topping is roasted peanuts. Delicious!

Pat Thai

Pat Thai

Another dish we ordered was Gung Sabai Thai, a house specialty with prawns.

Gung Sabai

Gung Sabai Thai

Gaeng Kiew Wan is a green curry, and duck was my husband’s meat choice.

Gaeng Kiew Wan

Gaeng Kiew Wan

* The meaning of ‘sabai sabai’: very calm/tranquil/easygoing/comfortable

In Thai, one of the many ways of making a meaning similar to ‘very’ in English is to double the word (this might also apply to a few other Asian languages). This is called reduplication of adjectives, e.g ‘dee dee’ means very good and ‘arroy arroy’ means very delicious, etc.

Sabai Sabai Restaurant website:

Review for Seoul Restaurant in Oberursel

Over the past two years, I have become a regular customer at Seoul Restaurant in Oberursel. Being a creature of habit and dedicated kimchi lover, I usually order the same food: Kimsambok, made of kimchi, slices of pork belly, and chunks of tofu, fried together.

The waitress does not have to hand us the menu anymore. With one look at me, she asks, “Zwei Mal Kimsambok?” and all I have to do is nod.

Their lunch menu consists of various dishes to choose from, among them seafood fried rice, some Korean stews, noodle dishes, etc.

Lunch menu Seoul Restaurant in Oberursel

Lunch is euro 10, which includes tea, side dishes, and dessert (often a cinnamon beverage) and is served between 12:00 – 15:00 from Tuesday to Saturday.

Their lunch menu for Sunday is LA Galbi which is euro 15. We have not tried this yet, but it is safe to assume it comes with tea, the traditional sides dishes and dessert as well.

Here is my favorite food: Kimsambok


This serving (see photo) is for one person, with the main dish in the foreground. If you order a second lunch special, the number of side dishes remain the same. The second main dish was on its way.

Their regular dinner menu also includes these lunch dishes. If you don’t read Korean, use the regular Speisekarte (menu) and ask the waitress which of the Lunch specials are included (in German, I believe).

In the summer time, you can also use the terrace. Simple furniture, but you have a nice view onto the forest.

Address: Hohemarkstrasse 194 in 61440 Oberursel

Tel: 06171 – 50 82 448

The restaurant is situated right next to the forest, in walking distance to Frankfurt International School, and is easy to reach by U Bahn as well.

Just take the U-3 (direction Hohemark) to its final stop. From there it is a one-minute walk.

Around Oberursel, we have five Korean restaurants, and this one is my favorite one as their food is very good, lunch prices are more than reasonable, and it is in walking distance from my home.

Review for Indian Food at Bella Italia in Oberursel

This mainly Italian restaurant Bella Italia  is run by a German/Indian husband/wife team with a couple of helpers for deliveries. Service is always excellent and we just love their Indian food! There is a wide selection of Italian food to choose from, along with one page of Indian dishes as well as some German dishes.

Bella Italia in Oberursel

During our very first visit there, we had the typical month of May dish Asparagus with Potatoes as advertised on the roadside board. We did not even bother looking at the menu.

On our next visit there, we discovered a fairly good selection of Indian food in the menu. I settled for the Chicken Karma (# 165), while my husband opted for the Lamb Karma (#171).

This was excellent! What at first looks like a small portion served in the hot pot turns out to be more than plenty. We were also served a plate of vegetables with chutney, bread and dip as well.

The average wait for the main dish is about 40 minutes, I’d say. So plan a bit of time and enjoy the nibbles.

Chicken Karma

The interior is simple with a rustic touch, but comfortable. Prices are moderate.

Restaurant Bella Italia interior

It is located near the Schwimmbad in Oberursel.

Address: Obergasse 1  61440 Oberursel
Tel: 06171 – 88 38 58

Also, TripAdvisor has given them a badge which is on display on the restaurant’s menu box outside.

Review for Japanese Restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt

Thanks to a longtime friend’s birthday celebration, we had the pleasure of spending an evening with good Japanese food and drink in Frankfurt.

We were invited to the restaurant Mangetsu (full moon), a typical Izakaya-Restaurant.

In general, an izakaya (居酒屋) is a casual Japanese drinking place which also serves food. As a matter of fact, having food with your drinks is encouraged.

Japanese restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt

We had plenty of plates on our table, ranging from bite-size eggplant, jidori (grilled chicken), hotate (scallops) to edamame (beans). Each one of our “appetizers” was delicious.


For an Izakaya, there was plenty to choose from the menu. Here are two of the pages:

For a complete view of the menu, visit Mangetsu menu.

The Mangetsu sushi is one of the best I have eaten in years (I had also spent three years in Japan). Very litte seaweed, fresh ingredients, and dipping each piece into the mayo/brown sauce streak made for a very smooth taste. This could be addictive.

Mangetsu sushi in Frankfurt

Last, but not least, we washed down our food with Kirin beer and some Sake.

Kirin beer in Frankfurt

If you are looking for good food served in a casual atmosphere, then you should try Mangetsu. I know, I will be back.