Oberursel Christmas Market

Yesterday afternoon, we visited the Oberursel Christmas market, and it marked the first time we came with our children.

The older one is attending college in the U.K. and the younger one went to the Christmas market in Strasbourg/France… Needless to say, we were able to pass the Crepes stand and many others without stopping. We surely had much time to spend quite a bit of money! The most ever. We bought a creche and Christmas ornaments from the Erzgebirge for presents. We also had Fischbrötchen (this German delicacy which most foreigners despise), photo here at Marions Kochbuch: Fischbrötchen.

The old steam locomotive is still running, mostly occupied by young riders.

model steam locomotive in Oberursel

One of the many vendors with Christmas ornaments on display.

The Christmas market is between the Marktplatz (market square) and Rathausplatz (city hall square).

Christmas around the Marktplatz

View onto St. Ursula Church, as seen from the Marktplatz.

The church seen through the mist

I had to pass on this food – but not the photo opportunity.

roasted pig

It was a cold day at the market, but as Germans sell Schnaps and Glühwein as early as midday, it surely was no problem for some.

Sunday, 02 Dec 2012,  is the last day of the Oberursel Christmas market and the hours are: 12:00 – 21:00.


Eating out in Oberursel

For a real taste of German cuisine, coupled with an authentic flair of a German Wirtshaus (pub), you should try the guesthouse Zum Schwanen in Oberursel.

Not only was it a romantic night to be out – because of the first real heavy snowfall – but Zum Schwanen is also located in an idyllic area, close to the town’s church and surrounded by other half-timbered houses.

Oberursel with St. Ursula Church (Wall on the left belongs to Zum Schwanen

Oberursel with St. Ursula Church (Wall on the left belongs to Zum Schwanen)

Just stepping into the place reminded me of my American/French brother-in-law’s comment two Christmases ago, when we took him there for my birthday: Gosh, this smells like Germany! We explored this point further as I find statements as such rather intriguing. Did the Sauerkraut marinade creep into the table patinas’ veins? Was the smell of beer hanging in the air? Was it the warm German bodies exhaling German food and drink through their pores? What does it mean to smell German, I wonder. Maybe I should not ask…

For the ones who remember Germany from the 60s and 70s: Please keep in mind shower habits have much improved since then. Entering a department store during a German summer no longer requires dwarfed nostrils.

Zum Schwanen's authentic German flair

Zum Schwanen

Looking out through the big lattice-windows onto the neighboring snow-covered roofs, while sitting in the warmth of a nice place and looking forward to dinner, put this eating-out experience rather close to the category of: unforgettable.

Leg of goose, potato dumplings, with red cabbage

Leg of goose, potato dumplings, with red cabbage

Besides enjoying an excellent dinner, we also had very attentive service.

Last night, the restaurant earned five ***** from me.

Oberursel Photos

The other day we were invited to a BBQ party which got rained out throughout the course of the evening. But the spot, where the party was held, provided a new and magnificent view of Oberursel from the roof terrace of an Altstadt apartment.

View onto part of the Oberursel Marktplatz

View onto part of the Oberursel Marktplatz

St. Ursula Church in Oberursel

St. Ursula Church in Oberursel

Somebody's back yard

Somebody's back yard

This I found to be a real gem – an old outhouse with the manure dump turned into a small flower bed. This looks so tranquil and inviting. I admire the artist’s choice of colors.

Oberursel, especially the Altstadt, has so much to offer and after 14 years of residence, we still discover more nooks of hidden charme.

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