Review for The Great Dane in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

While in Lunenburg,  also the last leg of our road trip, my husband spotted the sign Muscles and Beer Lunch for C$ 15 near our vacation rental. It was past lunch time, as a matter of fact, it was early dinner time, but we thought we’d try it anyway.

We sent our kids off to go to Subway while we enjoyed sitting in the restaurant’s small patio outback. And yes, my husband was able to get the lunch special  with beer and I ordered Manhattan clam chowder with a glass of red wine.

It was such a treat for the two of us to sit outside, relieved the kids were so happy to be allowed to eat at Subway, and we all got a little break from each other.

mussel lunch at The Great Dane

mussel lunch at The Great Dane

My Manhattan clam chowder was superb. I admit, I do not care for mussels, so I shoved them onto my husband’s plate. I like their taste, but do not care for their texture. The soup came with bread as well. What a tasty treat at C$ 6.

Manhattan clam chowder

Manhattan clam chowder

Next was the desert. The lemon souffle offered sounded very nice and it was. Not only for the stomach, but also for our eyes.

Lemon Souffle

The next evening, we decided to go back once more, but this time with our children. We tried a few other items on the menu and everything was excellent.

My husband had the Lobster & Tender (Premium Filet Mignon, butter poached lobster and smashed potatoes) for C$ 35.

Lobster & Tender

Lobster & Tender

Another unusual dish was the Danish Coconut (lamb fondue) at C$ 13. Everyone who tasted this – yes, we do share newly discovered food – loved it.

Danish Coconut

Danish Coconut

The Great Dane has the finest and most selective dishes. I wish we had a restaurant like this around here. This cuisine is a big bonus to Lunenburg and if I ever return, this restaurant would be part of the reason.


On the Road in Canada – Lunenburg, NS

We have arrived in Lunenburg, one hour south of Halifax, and this is the last leg of our trip. By now we have already driven more than 3.000 km, and have spent loads of money, and have two more days to go.

We were very fortunate to secure a spacious apartment with a terrace overlooking the waterfront. There is nothing better than stepping outside early in the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand. Well, you might prefer something else.

Lunenburg waterfront

vacation rental with a view

In addition, our vacation rental was right around the corner from the best restaurant in town,  The Great Dane. I have to admit we did not even try any other restaurants after our first visit there. More about their food and service in another post.

The Lunenburg harbor has a lot to offer in terms of whale watching boat trips, sailing trips, etc. The little red house on the left side of the photo sells tickets almost all day.

The colored houses and buildings reminded me of my trips to the Faroe Islands and Iceland.



Evening sunlight in Lunenburg

Fading sunlight in Lunenburg

Another highlight was the two-hour sailboat tour we took. We had so much fun! Very recommendable. When the saw this boat, we booked our tickets for the next afternoon.

sailing around Lunenburg

sailing around Lunenburg

If you are curious to see where Lunenburg is located on Nova Scotia, then have a look below.

Map of Nova Scotia

source: Wikipedia

Lunenburg was definitely the best town we stayed in. The scenery, our accommodation, the restaurant The Great Dane, and the sailboat tour made it the most memorable for us.

Rating: *****


Review for Indian Food at Bella Italia in Oberursel

This mainly Italian restaurant Bella Italia  is run by a German/Indian husband/wife team with a couple of helpers for deliveries. Service is always excellent and we just love their Indian food! There is a wide selection of Italian food to choose from, along with one page of Indian dishes as well as some German dishes.

Bella Italia in Oberursel

During our very first visit there, we had the typical month of May dish Asparagus with Potatoes as advertised on the roadside board. We did not even bother looking at the menu.

On our next visit there, we discovered a fairly good selection of Indian food in the menu. I settled for the Chicken Karma (# 165), while my husband opted for the Lamb Karma (#171).

This was excellent! What at first looks like a small portion served in the hot pot turns out to be more than plenty. We were also served a plate of vegetables with chutney, bread and dip as well.

The average wait for the main dish is about 40 minutes, I’d say. So plan a bit of time and enjoy the nibbles.

Chicken Karma

The interior is simple with a rustic touch, but comfortable. Prices are moderate.

Restaurant Bella Italia interior

It is located near the Schwimmbad in Oberursel.

Address: Obergasse 1  61440 Oberursel
Tel: 06171 – 88 38 58

Also, TripAdvisor has given them a badge which is on display on the restaurant’s menu box outside.

Review for Vacation Rental in Biarritz

On, we booked our vacation rental for the most recent holiday. Our vacation home, a renovated fisher home, was in the best location we could have hoped for.

We had the one with the blue doors and shutters. What might look like weeds in front of the houses are actually wild flowers. They do look prettier on sunny days. There is a little sign above the door – Suliko (little soul) – which is the name of the house.

Everything was in walking distance – the beach, the town centre, the market, and cafés and restaurants. Sitting on the little terrace, I only had to turn my head around the hedge to see the ocean across the street.

Biarritz beach – one minute away from 9 rue Cité Cany

Our landlady, Anne, was most forthcoming in everything we needed. And she was still kind after we had to report a minor damage caused by one of our children. She was most helpful in helping settling this, like a friend.

The home had most amenities except a hair dryer. I guess we could have asked for one. We had good internet connection, plenty of coffee and wine on our arrival, and the house, though centrally located, is in a very quiet neighborhood.

Parking is a challenge during this time a year. We flew into Bilbao/Spain and had to get a rental car. The rental car lady tried to sell us all kinds of stuff, such as an upgrade to a station car (we could hardly find one parking space in Biarritz, let alone two!), she tried to sell us navigation for 99 euro a week (by golly, we are on holiday, I do not need to know where I am going) and she tried to sell us full-coverage insurance (we had the car parked 12 out of 14 days).

We used our legs most of the time. There is a lot of up and down walking and we felt it in the evening. Free exercise.

A couple of evenings, my husband and I grabbed a bottle of wine and just walked across the street to the beach to enjoy the sunset. There is nothing better than that.

Biarritz is a lively little town and actually, I could have stayed a bit longer.

For more photos and information about this rental home, visit Highly recommendable.

Review for Restaurant Ratskeller in Oberursel

On our son’s big day (graduating from Frankfurt International School), we chose the restaurant Ratskeller in Oberursel to have our ceremonial dinner there with friends and family.

Restaurant Ratskeller in Oberursel  (entry through the gate)

We had made early reservations for 6:00 and seven people. My brother and husband chose the Ochsenbäckchen (ox cheeks/ox jowls), which were excellent. So was our Argentine beef steak, served with potato gratin and sauteed vegetables. The portions look rather small at first glance, but they are filling.

I had even withheld a bit on the bread basked (fresh and delicious) which came with a garlic dip. I could have had a couple more slices…

The service was excellent and we felt like we were regulars. Well, our friends are regulars there, so their presence made for a casual atmosphere.

The interior is rustic, but quaint. Watch for the small steps throughout the restaurant though!

The prices range from fair to high, but you get what you pay for. The food quality is superb (fresh vegetables, good choice of meat, etc). But with four people in our family, I would not be able to take them there on a regular basis, only for special occasions.

Restaurant Ratskeller in Oberursel

By the time we left two hours later, the garden tables were all occupied.

This restaurant is very recommendable!



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