Review for Japanese Restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt

Thanks to a longtime friend’s birthday celebration, we had the pleasure of spending an evening with good Japanese food and drink in Frankfurt.

We were invited to the restaurant Mangetsu (full moon), a typical Izakaya-Restaurant.

In general, an izakaya (居酒屋) is a casual Japanese drinking place which also serves food. As a matter of fact, having food with your drinks is encouraged.

Japanese restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt

We had plenty of plates on our table, ranging from bite-size eggplant, jidori (grilled chicken), hotate (scallops) to edamame (beans). Each one of our “appetizers” was delicious.


For an Izakaya, there was plenty to choose from the menu. Here are two of the pages:

For a complete view of the menu, visit Mangetsu menu.

The Mangetsu sushi is one of the best I have eaten in years (I had also spent three years in Japan). Very litte seaweed, fresh ingredients, and dipping each piece into the mayo/brown sauce streak made for a very smooth taste. This could be addictive.

Mangetsu sushi in Frankfurt

Last, but not least, we washed down our food with Kirin beer and some Sake.

Kirin beer in Frankfurt

If you are looking for good food served in a casual atmosphere, then you should try Mangetsu. I know, I will be back.

Review for Restaurant Le Crabe Tambour in Biarritz

Yesterday evening, we came upon the Restaurant Le Crabe Tambour by chance. Well, most other restaurants were still closed and this one offered us a place to sit down in the sun, while serving drinks until the cook came in at 19:30.

We had a very efficient and friendly waiter. Not only did he have the time to talk to us and give us some tips, but he proved to be efficient later on as well when the restaurant was really full.

He was very helpful answering our questions about the menu, the wine was good, and the food was served in a timely manner. We had the menu for 25 euro, from which we could choose one each (three selections in each category) for the entrée, main dish, and dessert.

To help ease the wait, we got some tortilla and olives.


As we were the first ones to arrive, we had the board menu all to ourselves.

Restaurant Le Crabe Tambour in Biarritz

Then our appetizer came. Our eyes got so big, but the deliciousness of these prawns and sauce made us close our eyes again…

crevettes flambées au whisky

One of the main dishes – white fish and mussels.

For dessert, we sampled all three choices: apple pie with ice cream, Crème Brûlée, and the Coup Colonel. The latter one made us all go Oh, la, la.. after taking a taste of it. It was like a Caipirinha with a bit of sherbet in it. We walked home, by the way.

This was a grand culinary experience in terms of  food quality, service, and ambience. Very recommendable.

Address: 49 Rue d’Espagne in 64 200 Biarritz

Tel: 05 59 23 24 56

Note: The restaurant was named after the famous 1977 film Le Crabe Tambour, where the owner was the cook for the film set.

You can also leave a comment/review about the restaurant here or on Lonely Planet.

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