Camp King Mountain Lodge in Winter

It has been snowing here since early this morning and the city’s snow removal service people are quite busy and so are the young ones, taking advantage of this heavy snow fall.

I took a  short walk through Camp King towards the Mountain Lodge where we usually find a sledding trail. Not today though.

Camp King Mountain Lodge

Today’s sledders were all using the hill in front of the chapel (yellowish building in the center).

Sledding in Camp King Oberursel

And let’s remember after whom this former military post had been named:

Charles B. King Memorial

Camp King Oberursel

The other day I took a little detour through Camp King and decided to take some photos showing the old Camp King buildings adjacent to the new German buildings.

Original Camp King house (left) and the new German elementary school

New German housing (left) and the Mountain Lodge

New Camp King Oberursel

The row of red townhouses at Camp King Oberursel (foreground) lead right up to the fence separating its well-heeled residents from the old neighboring settlement of the Rosengärtchen. This high-rise area was built in 1972.

Camp King Officers’ Club Oberursel

A private investor purchased the former Officers’ Club (a.k.a Mountain Lodge) back in late June 2010.

Three months later, the building is still sitting idle.

Camp King Officers’ Club

More on the building’s newer history at Officers’ Club at Camp King finds Investor.

Guided Tour of Camp King Oberursel

Yesterday, I joined Mr. Kopp’s guided tour through the Camp King areal. He, as our local historian and Camp King archivist, offers these two-hour tours twice a year. They usually end up at the local Kirchencafé, where the basement houses all the Camp King documents, gathered by him over the years.

Transported exhibition houseThe photo on the bottom shows  the original Musterdorf Haus (exhibition house) for Germany’s Siedlungspläne (settlement plans), set up for the fair in Frankfurt in the fall of 1938. The top photo shows the house after it had been transplanted from Frankfurt to Oberursel. For the fair, the houses came without basement, but having been moved to Oberursel for a permanent location, basements were added.

From the fair in Frankfurt 1938 to Kinderhaus today

Kinderhaus Oberursel, a place for children and teenagers to hang out

The same house from above is our Kinderhaus (child and youth centre) today.

Former Gestapo building bordering Camp King

Former Gestapo building

This former Gestapo building had been used as a temporary shelter for asylum seekers in years past. I had seen people occupying the building as late as the early years of this decade, but not so recently. It looks vacated to me.

Silk handkerchief with a complete map outline

This handkerchief served its purpose, especially when a POW got his hands on it.

Walking up the hill towards the chapel and Mountain Lodge

Our small group walking up the Camp King slope

The chapel at Camp King

The chapel had been given a new coat of paint a while back. This was probably for the new neighbors out back (see left corner of the photo).

The next guided tour is set for 28 August 2010.

Meeting place: In front of the EDEKA supermarket on Hohemarkstrasse (you can take the U3 and get off at the station Kupferhammerweg)

Tour fee: € 3

I learned a lot from this tour and I plan on going again. Mr. Kopp is an infinite source of information and this tour is very recommendable to anyone interested in history and future political science.

For more information in German, visit CampKingOberursel.

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