21 Amazing Places in Germany

​This is a comprehensive collection of unusual places to visit around Germany. I haven’t been to a single one.

Swimming Lake near Oberursel

There are quite a few outdoor pools in the Taunus area, but with the most recent stretch of cool weather, there had been no need for any of them.

From some friends I heard about Hattweinweiher, (Weiher means pond) in Usingen, which is a very nice place to be on hot afternoons.

We walked around the pond and had a very good dinner (i.e. potato salad and spare ribs for euro 7,90, and a generous portion as well) at Restaurant Neumann (open all year).

There is a sand beach, but you can also go on a bit further for less sun and more privacy under the trees.

Swimming lake Hattsteinweiher

From Oberursel, it takes about 20 minutes via B 456 ->275 to Usingen,  then turn left onto Kreuzgasse and follow the signs. You will find the turnoff for the lake on the right side.