Brunnenfest in Oberursel, 2018

Oberursel’s Brunnenfest (Fountain Festival) runs from Friday, 25 May until Monday, 28 May (with fireworks at 10pm).

The city is often referred to as the Brunnenstadt (Brunnen: fountain, spring, well), because it is home to more than 60 fountains, springs, and wells.

AllThingsGerman has more details in English, such as information about road closures, where driving restrictions will apply in the town center, where there will be ‘no-parking’ in some parts of the town, and which roads will be closed temporarily for the run on Sunday morning.

72 Hours to Implement your Idea

I have finally reached the point of letting some things go and I stuck to the suggested deadline: Once you have made up your mind about a certain idea or action, you need to take the first step within 72 hours or your enthusiasm will fade and your idea will soon be forgotten.

In my case,  we have too much stuff accumulated around our home and half of it was given to us to sort through (deceased family members’ earthly possessions and a shoppaholic sister’s stuff and…. )

The sorting through mainly requires physical work such as dropping it off at charity organizations, donating it to flea markets, giving it away for free, etc. Yes, it is a bit of a headache, too.

But sentimental items take longer to let go. Today I finally took charge and called on an ad in the local paper. The guy buys furs, traditional German outfits, and jewelry. He is going to come by in a couple of days and I am prepared to let him take it at any price. I’d assume he does not read my blog either.

Long gone are the years where I used to go to flea markets myself looking for household goods or certain collectibles. Since then, over the years I have donated a lot to charity or even occasionally did a flea market in front of the super market with the kids during the summer. On a couple of occasions, I was questioned by some Germans whether this was allowed.  In many Germans, there is a little policeman. Both times, I informed the interrogator that no permit was necessary as long as only kids’ stuff was sold by kids. Too bad that my kids were inside the store each time, spending the money they had just made on a sale.

Anyway, the most difficult things are the ones with a sentimental value or tiny valuables.  The former are my mother’s mink jacket (my parents had to work very hard to be able to buy this in the 70s) and my tailor-made Dirndl. Of course, I don’t fit into it anymore and it is just taking up space. I had it made in 1980 and used it quite a few times to represent Germany while living in foreign countries.

It proved to be a lucrative accessory while e.g. selling German goods in Kitakyushu, Japan. The photo shows me with my then-employer on the right.

The latter is my old jewelry. Small in size, but full of memories. I offered it to my daughter, she was aghast I had kept a few of my former boyfriends’ jewelry for so long. Well, it was all the way in the back and… there is no other excuse.

I don’t care how much money I get. I am just glad I have gotten to the point of letting sentimental things go.

And if I ever have to move house (in our case, apartment), and I need to get rid of big household items, I would call Freecycle. Thanks to Noordinaryhomestead for her enlightening post on Why I love Freecycling.

Her post prompted this and deserves some of the credit why I can let go. I had read her post on 8 May and called today – within 48 hours.

Just for fun – I expect 20 euro for the fur jacket (my mom paid 2000 DM for it back then, about 2000 euro in purchasing power) and maybe 10 euro for the Dirndl.

The silver jewelry – five rings, two pendants, a pair of earrings, a necklace with pendant –  we will see.

I just hope he takes everything.



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