Review for Japanese Restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt

Thanks to a longtime friend’s birthday celebration, we had the pleasure of spending an evening with good Japanese food and drink in Frankfurt.

We were invited to the restaurant Mangetsu (full moon), a typical Izakaya-Restaurant.

In general, an izakaya (居酒屋) is a casual Japanese drinking place which also serves food. As a matter of fact, having food with your drinks is encouraged.

Japanese restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt

We had plenty of plates on our table, ranging from bite-size eggplant, jidori (grilled chicken), hotate (scallops) to edamame (beans). Each one of our “appetizers” was delicious.


For an Izakaya, there was plenty to choose from the menu. Here are two of the pages:

For a complete view of the menu, visit Mangetsu menu.

The Mangetsu sushi is one of the best I have eaten in years (I had also spent three years in Japan). Very litte seaweed, fresh ingredients, and dipping each piece into the mayo/brown sauce streak made for a very smooth taste. This could be addictive.

Mangetsu sushi in Frankfurt

Last, but not least, we washed down our food with Kirin beer and some Sake.

Kirin beer in Frankfurt

If you are looking for good food served in a casual atmosphere, then you should try Mangetsu. I know, I will be back.

Nationalities in Oberursel

Mid-November 2012, Spiegel Online reported about the steady flow of immigrants into Germany. In the first half of 2012, half a million foreigners came to stay, a 15% increase from the year before.

The newcomers to Germany are mostly from Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

Below is the chart for our small town of Oberursel, located northwest of Frankfurt, and home to Frankfurt International School (FIS).


The school’s student body contributes to the high number of South Koreans, U.S. Americans, and Britons around here.


Frankfurt at Sunset

Even though we live so close to the city of Frankfurt (about 23 km to the city limit, or 35 minutes by U-Bahn), we rarely make it into the city.

Frankfurt City

Unless we have a dinner invitation, which was the case last Sunday, we only come here to pick up guests and family from the Hauptbahnhof and airport.

Frankfurt City

And I do admit, once I am here, I wonder why we don’t visit more often. Frankfurt is a good city.

Demonstrations around Frankfurt 16 May – 19 May 2012

Due to some planned demonstrations, the RMV is closing the S-bahn “Taunusanlage” and the U-bahn “Willy-Brandt-Platz” stations from 1pm tomorrow to 4am Sunday.

The tram lines 11 and 12 will not run past the Hbf and bus 64 will have its route curtailed.
More info here:

Updated: 16 May

More information in English on: AllThingsGerman




Bye bye, Henninger Turm

Frankfurt’s most famous tower, the Henninger Turm, will be torn town and replaced by a modern one. Time has taken its toll on the tower – it is over fifty years old and getting morose. The former silo of the Henninger brewery is getting readied for a modification.

Plans are to rebuild the tower in a greener way, but also a bit wider and deeper, as well as keeping its keg restaurant on the top. Up to 130 apartments are in the designing stage for this cubist Passivhaus, with each square meter at a cost of € 4.000,–

To see the changes the tower has gone through, visit the photo gallery of the Henninger Turm (1962 – present).

Until 1974, the Henninger Turm was the tallest building in the city of Frankfurt.

In the early 70s, I took a bus trip with my aunt to see Frankfurt. The highlights were the Frankfurt Airport and the Henninger Turm. I remember pressing my nose against the windows at the airport to see an airplane take off and we all went ooh and aah. The next stop was the restaurant on the top of the tower – again, we country folks went ooh and aah – with the restaurant turning. 


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