Going to Barfleur, Normandy for the Sea Climate, and Sea Food

What attracted me first to Normandy was its summer climate. The forecast for July promised 17-19°C on most days. I claim any temperature past 23°C to be a total waste on me.

After an 11-hour drive from Oberursel near Frankfurt, passing the periphery of Paris in 42°C (108F) weather, we finally arrived. The French are knows for having late dinners, but just like last year in Cancale, we had to look around a bit to find an open restaurant at 9pm.

As usual, we rent a vacation home for privacy. I don’t like hotels, and I don’t care how many stars they have. I want space and time to visit myself. Our rental sat on the main road in Barfleur, but sat back a bit, so it was perfect. This view from the house shows some part of the outdoor seating possibilities. Every morning, I got to watch the sun rise sitting in that spot.

Vacation rental in Barfleur
Barfleur on a summer evening

There weren’t as many tourists as in Cancale last summer, and the sea food selection, in general, is a bit smaller as well, but just as good.

This is an old boat launch for life boats. The building now houses some kind of museum, and the launch now serves as a means for having some water fun.

Brunnenfest in Oberursel 2013

Oberursel’s Brunnenfest runs from Friday, 24 May until Monday, 27 May.

Oberursel, often related to as the Brunnenstadt (Brunnen: fountain, spring, well), is home to more than 60 fountains, springs, and wells.

Yesterday evening, we took a little walk through the fest area and looked at the preparations being made. Of course, we hope for warmer temps as this has been a very cool month of May so far.

Music will be playing until midnight on both Friday and Saturday, and until 23:00 on Sunday and Monday.

Drinks can be served until 01:00 on both Friday and Saturday, and until midnight on Sunday and Monday (same hours go for the amusement park rides).

And yes, it’s true. There are no fireworks this year due to financial reasons.

What do the locals residents do for these four days when there’s little sleep, no chance to get out by car, etc? I had overheard a conversation on the bus a few years ago, “My husband and I always leave town during Brunnenfest and rent a quiet place in the mountains”, she said.

St. Ursula Church

St. Ursula Church

Brunnenfest amusement park

Brunnenfest amusement park


Around the Marktplatz

Around the Marktplatz

Marktplatz in Oberursel

Marktplatz in Oberursel

For more information about the events taking place during Brunnenfest, visit Vereinsring Oberursel.


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