Cats in Istanbul

I never thought I’d publish photos of cats. But Istanbul has so many of them, they are everywhere; on the streets, sleeping in grave yards, eating out of garbage bags, lying in a sunny spot at the Hagia Sophia, etc. They became part of our Istanbul experience.

The cat is a revered animal in the Islamic faith, because the prophet Muhammad adored cats.

humpy cat

black cat

Someone supplied this little sleepy group of four with milk (süt: milk)

many cats

Tourists playing with a cat at the Hagia Sophia Church.

Hagia Sophia cat

Resting in a side chamber of the Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia cat #2

Hagia Sophia cat#3

This one clambered out of the trash container when it heard us approaching.

cat on trash container

This one tried to get back in when it saw us coming near.

cat stuck on window gate

At the Church of the Pammakaristos (Fethiye Camii).

cat at Fethiye Camii Church in Istanbul

The cat Muezza (or Mu’izza) is said to have been the Prophet Muhammad’s favorite cat.

Thanks to him, cats enjoy a relatively good life in the Muslim world.


Of Cats and Men on Malta

Near our hotel, at the end of the road, we noticed this strange little area of plush animals, dolls, bears, and cat trees and beds. It also had a sign and box asking for donations for this Cat Village.Cat Village, St. Julian's

When you looked closer, you could see various real cats nestled among the plus animals.  This one I found to be a very interesting composition.

The cats have a good life here, at least in this corner of Malta. Here in St. Julian’s, you see cats everywhere and they look well fed. Occasionally you see a restaurant owner feeding them with  fish. At least five cats were always present at breakfast on the terrace. Nobody minded them and they seem quite happy.

Cat-friendly Malta

From cats to men. The local men we saw were mostly fishermen, rugged looking and hard working.

fishing boats Spinola Bay, Malta

A tourist chatting up a fisherman.

Fisher at talk

This one was too tired for a conversation.

Man on bench

The cats around our hotel and nearby restaurants looked much better fed and groomed than those guys working the seas.

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