Holidays in Sydals near Sonderborg, Denmark

The view onto the wide open seas of the Baltic is just splendid. We spent a week here on the Danish Baltic Coast, and need to return once more. For once, we did not even get to try a smorgasbord! And there are many more reasons to go back…

Mammark, Denmark

There is much agriculture near the coast line.

We were encouraged by our hosts to pick some raspberries. Yes, that’s me right there.

Raspberries to pick at our rental home

Many times, we stopped at Migges Café on main street in Sydals. They have wonderful pastries and bread rolls. We often had coffee sitting outside, and just watched life go by. This bakery and Café alone would be another reason to go back there.

Danish Bakery display at Migges Café in Sydals

More about our holidays in my next post.

Korean Café Haeah in Oberursel

On 11 May 2019, Café Hae ah opened its doors in Oberursel. It is located in the Rosengärtchen shopping carree (next to the Korean supermarket Handok).

It is not only a café, but also more like a bistro serving a few lunches. We had Steak Pasta and Jeyuk Bokkeum (제육볶음), which is spicy fried pork.

Steak Pasta

Both dishes were really good, but the Steak Pasta really took me in. I’ll be back for more soon.

Service in Korea usually has to be super fast. Well, this one isn’t… yet.

Wi-Fi Zones on Faial

Internet broadband access is extensive on the island. Of course, getting into the net was fastest at the internet café in Horta near the marina.

The cafe is housed in a pastel green wedding cake of a building, wrought-iron balconies and Art Deco interior.

The cafe is housed in a pastel green wedding cake of a building, with wrought-iron balconies and Art Deco interior.

At first we used this café, but its food is served cold and with tuna (both quiche and pizza slices…). I like tuna, but my family doesn’t.

Later we realized that the city of Horta is well equipped with internet broadband access – in almost every restaurant or bar, residents and visitors can access the the net free of charge.

Faial and wi-fi zones

Island of Faial and wi-fi zones

Other Wi-Fi zones included the playground at the beach in Almoxarife.

The port city of Horta, aware of its significant role in history regarding transcontinental communications, still intends to be the center of information technology despite its far-flung geographical location.