Schweinfurt Purchases Ledward Barracks

The city of Schweinfurt has purchased the entire compound of Ledward Barracks, the former U.S. military installation, from the Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA). According to city officials, the municipal council approved the purchase in its meeting on Tuesday.

Subsequent to the notarization of the deed, Mayor Sebastian Remelé and the representatives of the BImA will discuss further details in the main conference room of the city hall on Thursday. Municipal press spokesperson and finance officer, Anna Barbara Keck, stated that the purchase of approximately 26 hectares (64 acres) of land will secure plans for converting the former installation in addition to meeting the city’s developmental needs.

Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt

Ledward Barracks (East Gate), Schweinfurt, November 2014

One segment – 4 hectares (9 acres) – of the former barracks’ area, including six buildings, will be leased for a period of 5 years to the state of Bavaria for the purpose of operating a reception facility for persons seeking asylum.

Edible Dog Durts or What?

Less than a week ago, while visiting my former hometown area of Franconia (Northern Bavaria), I dared to order a dish I had never had before: Gebratene Leberwurst mit Bratkartoffeln (fried liver/pork sausage with fried potatoes).

Gebratene Leberwurst

When I posted this photo on Facebook, most of my friends seemed disgusted. Well, I would have been too had I been a few years younger. Because back then, I thought only old folks could eat this.

But last Wednesday I was in the spirit for new things, and when my order was placed at my side, I did have a look of surprise. I had to cut through the skin to get to the edible part, and needless to say though, it was very good once you got past the visual barrier.

As one friend commented “..  one common denominator in the old world, east or west. Those who knew hard times securing nutrition appreciate how very rich blood is in protein and all the essentials. it is only those who can afford to disregard it who can affect not to know its history or value…”

Yes, I grew up with this kind of food in general. We often had Leberwurst (not fried) or cold blood sausage with hot potatoes and dill pickles. Growing up in the early 60s, still postwar era and we used an outhouse as there was no indoor plumbing, I’d say we ate rather dignified food, nevertheless.

In addition, we are so fortunate to be able to choose what we want to eat. Wait till 2015 when we will have the next food crisis. I might have this fried Leberwurst again. If it is available. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Bye bye, Henninger Turm

Frankfurt’s most famous tower, the Henninger Turm, will be torn town and replaced by a modern one. Time has taken its toll on the tower – it is over fifty years old and getting morose. The former silo of the Henninger brewery is getting readied for a modification.

Plans are to rebuild the tower in a greener way, but also a bit wider and deeper, as well as keeping its keg restaurant on the top. Up to 130 apartments are in the designing stage for this cubist Passivhaus, with each square meter at a cost of € 4.000,–

To see the changes the tower has gone through, visit the photo gallery of the Henninger Turm (1962 – present).

Until 1974, the Henninger Turm was the tallest building in the city of Frankfurt.

In the early 70s, I took a bus trip with my aunt to see Frankfurt. The highlights were the Frankfurt Airport and the Henninger Turm. I remember pressing my nose against the windows at the airport to see an airplane take off and we all went ooh and aah. The next stop was the restaurant on the top of the tower – again, we country folks went ooh and aah – with the restaurant turning. 


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