15 Travel Sites in Germany

A while ago, the German ADAC listed 15 recommended travel sites around Germany. The emphasis was on traveling within the country for families in search of a local tropical rainforest, a ride in a Venetian gondola or nights out dancing to Caribbean music.

All this can be had in Germany.

1. Visit “Gondwanaland” (40 exotic animals and 500 kinds of plants) at the Leipzig Zoo.

www.zoo-leipzig.de  -> entrance 17 € for adults


  1. Reggae rhythm at Lake Chiemsee

Once a year, the city of Übersee at the Chiemsee becomes the capital of Reggae music. Every year, 30.000 visitors come to enjoy Caribbean nights and days.


www.chiemsee-reggae.de -> day ticket 52 €


  1. Hollywood at the Rheinau Port


There is an open-air movie theater at the Rheinau Port in Cologne. Check the website for the current movies.

www.openairkino.de/koeln -> 7 €


  1. The best view over Stuttgart from an ice cream parlor (26 flavors).


www.eis-bistro-pinguin.de -> one ice cream scoop for 90 Cent


  1. Rock climbing in the Elbsandstein Mountains

The Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland) is famous for its rock climbing terrain, with walls ranging from 10 m to 90 m in height. Recommended starting place, e.g. Rathen.




  1. The Amazon of the North


Turtles, cranes, deer, and more – there is much to see on the shores of the river Wakenitz. Because of its wild nature, it is often referred to as the Amazon Jungle of the North. Best to explore by steam boat from Lübeck.


www.wakenitzfahrt.de -> 16 €


  1. Lama rides in the Taunus Mountains

You do not have to leave the country to go on a lama tour. In Usingen, the lama tour owner, Tilman Richter, offers accompanied tours throughout the Taunus mountains.

www.lama-llamera.de  -> 70 €


  1. Romantic Gondola ride in Bamberg

Hans Riegler is your German version of an Italian gondolier when he takes you in his gondola down the river Regnitz in Bamberg. The gondala is an original one from Venice.


www.gondel.info -> 60 € for 30 minutes


  1. Camping in dunes of the Baltic Sea

The Regenbogen – Camp in Prerow at the Baltic Sea is the only place in Germany where you can camp right at the beach.


www.regenbogen-camp.de -> starting at 5 €


  1. The best lake for fishing, swimming, and snorkeling in Germany

About 80 km north of Berlin, the Stechlinsee promises tranquility. Recommended reading: Theodor Fontane’s novel “Der Stechlin”.

No website listed


  1. From Munich to Space

You may count the stars! The best time to visit is in August. Consider taking a tour of the Bavarian Volkssternwarte in Munich.


www.sternwarte-muenchen.de  -> tour starting at 5 €


  1. Amusement Park Phantasialand near Brühl

This park has six different theme park sections (Fantasy, Deep in Africa, Berlin, Mexico, Mystery and China Town)


www.phantasialand.de -> starting at 37,50 €


  1. Skyscraper Tour in Frankfurt

There is a reason why the banking section in Frankfurt is often dubbed Mainhattan (Main River).

Enjoy  a guided tour, leave your acrophobia behind and visit (among others) the Commerzbank Tower, the tallest building in Europe at 300 meters.





  1. Paddling on Lake Constance

At Lake Constance (in German known as the Bodensee), the Surf School Wasserburg offers courses in the trendy sport activity Stand Up Paddling (SUP).


www.surfschule-wasserburg.de -> course starting at 29 €


  1. Germany’s highest mountain – The Zugspitze

In good weather, you can see up to 400 mountain peaks in the distance of 250 km. Of course, there is also a Biergarten at the top. There is also a registrar’s office, yes, you can also get married up there!


www.zugspitze.de    -> mountain and valley ride 48 €

My personal favorites are 6 and 10. I do love the water, but tend to stay away from heights.



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