Eating My Way Through Devon and Dorset

For our first evening in Exeter, we chose Harry’s Restaurant for dinner. Most of the dishes seemed very American (as in choice and size), such as the Hog & Mac (pulled pork sandwich) with cheese macaroni, cole slaw, and barbecue sauce. It was good, but it should be served only to very hungry werewolves. 🙂

Hog & Mac at Harry’s Restaurant, Exeter

We had to have fish and chips at least once, while in England. This mini order for ÂŁ 3,50 was just the right size at the Cobb Gate Fish Bar in Lyme Regis.

Mini fish & chips in Lyme Regis

My husband had an interesting dinner of fried potatoes with cubes of black pudding, mushrooms, and scallops at the Cobb Arms Restaurant in Lyme Regis. The serving was bigger in size, but only remembered half-way through dinner to take a photo of it…

Things to do for entertainment in a pub,  when you have plenty of coins in your wallet.

Sure fail for us – and success for charity.

Pub entertainment

We had a lovely light breakfast of poached eggs with salmon at our B&B Lyme Townhouse on Pound Street in Lyme Regis.

At Axminster Trainstation, we found this nice offer to the general public. Yes, the Cheese and Tomato Quiche was good!

Axminster Train Station

What do I like best about England? I like riding the trains, the food, and rummaging through charity shops.

Day Trip to Lyme Regis on the Devon-Dorset Border

There are plenty of shops along High Street in Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast. Most cater to the many tourists coming to this seaside town. At this time of year, in early October, it was mostly elderly people. The weather was brilliant, and we even got to sunbathe at the shore for half an hour before we left the next day.

We had the option of taking a three-hour tour, but having only one afternoon in this town (we got there around noon from Exeter), we decided to walk around at our own pace.

There are a few fossil shops, a fossil museum, fossil tours, and even the lanterns are fossil-shaped.

On my former visits England, I used to find coins on the streets and sidewalks. Not anymore. Either it is because the streets are being swept all the time (they looked very clean), or because Brexit is near. Instead of coins, I saw many bird feathers. 🙂

We walked a good mile out to the spot where one can find fossils. We didn’t find any, but instead I found much sea glass! A fossil collector explained how it got there – land erosion caused a landslide, and brought down a landfill… I brought it with me nevertheless. It had been in the sea for many years, polished by the sand and water, so it had done its job.

Jurassic Coast Lyme Regis

This is a beautiful place to vacation, and I could easily spend a week here. There are several cafés and benches by the shore. Most of them have an inscription dedicated to a loved one.

We watched the elderly get off the bus. They had to step carefully, some gave a helping hand. My husband and I looked at each other, and we didn’t have to say it out loud. This could be us ten years from now.

We saw no one with an iPhone, nor iPad (I used mine to take pictures and was eyed curiously). We were some of the younger tourists there.

Flying Ryanair from Cologne and B&B in Exeter

We flew with Ryanair from Cologne to Bristol, and traveled via bus and train to Exeter to visit our daughter at university for a few days.

We drove from Frankfurt to Cologne to fly with Ryanair from the Konrad Adenauer Airport. It was worth a try, but I really doubt we would do it again. It was Sunday, the airport seemed to be understaffed, and lines were long, with just one security check open, one passport control open, etc. I should not have expected any friendly faces either – there were none. It was the second day after they had gone on strike. You get what you pay for. That should sum it up.

On the train ride from Bristol to Exeter, we saw many sheep, rolling hills, and  beautiful landscapes between the towns.

Between Bristol and Exeter

We had booked a B&B accommodation on Blackall Road to be in walking distance to our daughter’s abode. ‘The Raffles’ B&B made for an excellent location. I took this photo mainly for the South-African yucca in full bloom. In England.

Blackall Street in Exeter

I really enjoyed their garden area, especially with our two offspring visiting later in the day. The spacious seating area was perfect for our get-together.

The Raffles B & B garden

This B&B is very popular. It’s also the home of a black Labrador puppy with a toy elephant. Richard, the host, is an interesting person. You don’t even have to mention politics to get him started. 🙂

From Bournemouth to Purbeck

If you and your friends or family want to travel the easy way from Bournemouth to the isle of Purbeck, then it is best to buy yourselves a group explorer pass, available from the information centre at the Bournemouth rail station and it can also be bought on the bus from the driver.

With this ticket (18 pounds), up to five people can take the bus – route 40 from Poole and the open-top route 50 from Bournemouth. These buses stop along a most beautiful route of dazzling white chalk cliffs,  heathlands, and a seaside resort.

Swanage on Purbeck

We liked this explorer pass enough to buy it two days in a row.

Strolling through Swanage


Swanage on the Isle of Purbeck


Sailboats near Purbeck

On our first day with the group explorer pass, we stopped in Swanage and did not get any further. This little seaside resort has enough to offer to spend a whole afternoon there.

In the early evening, we left Swanage by bus 50 on this 100-minute ride back to Bournemouth, including the return two-minute ride on the ferry between Sandbanks and Shell Bay.

Beautiful area and well worth visiting!


KnitaHug in Boscombe

Number four and five KnitaHug have gone up… and I am still footloose in the U.K.

This one went up at Honeycombe Beach between pole 208 and 209.

This one was fairly easy to attach while going unnoticed. I attached this on the windy side of the pier with hardly anyone passing by in broad daylight.

This is so much fun!


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