Review for K-haus Gwanghwamun in Seoul, Korea

On our way to Japan, we visited Seoul for two days and booked K-haus Gwanghwamun in northern Seoul for our accommodation.

Prior to our departure, we got a few personal mails from the manager with directions and other useful information.

The little privately-run hotel lies on the outskirts and it was not easy to find. The usual 10-minute walk from the bus stop took us close to 45 minutes all the while asking for directions. We had the Korean address and not even the taxi driver nor shop assistants were able to direct us. While looking lost standing at a corner, we were approached by helpful Koreans several times. One of them was able to direct us to the place. The best landmark to point out for future reference would be the Czech Republic Embassy which is on the same road. The Czech Republic Embassy is listed on most maps.

The location itself is perfect though. Surrounded by consulates and embassies, it is in a very quiet corner of Seoul. Walking up the street  towards the guest house, you can see the mountains in the back.

The guest house is very clean and the manager was most accommodating in our needs. When we walked in, she already had a caller’s message waiting for me as well.

Our room with three beds was average size. Our shower equipment was very simple – a handheld shower head in front of the bathroom sink. But it worked nicely.

The breakfast on offer is basic (beverage, coffee and toast), so we ventured out to one of the many cafés lining the streets of Seoul for a more culinary experience.

The Airport Limousine bus service to northern Seoul is KRW 10.000 per person. On the way back to the airport, we took a taxi (orange colored, stating Interpretation Taxi on its side) which cost us KRW 50.500 (about US$ 44,–). Very affordable.

Last, but not least. My daughter left her plush animal behind, and Mrs. Lee, the manager, has been most helpful in trying to get it to Germany. She went way beyond her calling on that one.

You can visit K – haus Gwanghwamun on for more information.

K-haus Gwanghwamun in Seoul, Korea

When I go back to Seoul, I will definitely book K-haus again. It is clean, quiet, shows good management, and is reasonably priced.


  1. Hi! I’ve just read you blog. I have a plan to go to Korea also with my 2 friends, so we’ll be 3 people. Can you send me an email of K-Haus Gwanghwamun or the contact person? Thank you for your information.

  2. K-haus e-mail is:
    contact person: Ms. Lee

    Hope you can make it to Korea and have a good time!

  3. Thank you Maria for your information 🙂
    All, I’ve got some information from Maria by e-mail. I hope is useful for all of you!

    Is it difficult to get a transportation from Incheon airport to K-haus guesthouse ?

    No, not at all. Incheon Airport is the most developed airport and has been rated so for the past seven years.
    Just look for the ticket booth outside – we had to ask a tourist at the airport to direct us to the right door, but there are signs.

    Buy your ticket from the booth – for us going to North Central Seoul it was 10.000 Won (about 8 euro) per person. The bus runs every 15 minutes and is called the Airport Limousine bus.

    At the ticket booth, we asked for the number of the bus stop – there are different buses leaving for different destinations.
    I showed the Korean address of K-haus and then we were told what bus we should take.

    Before getting on the bus, we double-checked and showed the bus driver the address so HE could signal us when to get off. Make sure you keep your ticket in hand, so you can claim your baggage (if you have a suitcase to be stored below).

    My brother could not find his ticket when we got off, but he got his suitcase anyway. There weren’t many passengers left on the bus…

    What is usually a ten-minute walk ended up taking about 40 minutes trying to find the place. We had a map, but the guest house is new and even when we asked shop keepers, they did not know the address.

    People on the street were most helpful, we eventually got there.

    We even asked a taxi driver to take us there, he did not know the address.

    If you were to take a taxi from the airport, ask them to drop you off at the Czech Embassy. This is a good landmark and most drivers should know the address. From there, it only takes about one minute (up the hill) by foot.

    Most taxis charge between 50.000 Won and maybe up to 100.00 Won for the ride.

    We had to take a taxi going back to the airport and we got an “Interpretation Taxi” which only charged us 50.500 for the ride (about 35 euro).

    I don’t know if there are any “Interpretation Taxi” waiting at the airport though….

    Take the bus if you arrive during daytime and just ask your way through.

    Do you have recommended places nearby there to visit?

    If you are into culture, there is the famous Gyeongbak Palace nearby (about 15 minute walking distance).

    The more interesting place is Cheongaecheon, a popular district mainly catering to food, drink, and entertainment. This is where all the young people like to hang out and they have many drinking places in this area.

    Most beer bars/soju bars won’t let you have a drink only, you have to order one dish as well.

    Insadong market is nearby (20 minute by foot), selling traditional Korean souvenirs and other things. Recommendable and easy to find.

    In general:

    We only stayed in this area, did everything on foot. My Korean friends had advised me NOT to take the subway = confusing.

    I saw friends, but I had them come and see me.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

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