Budget Accommodation in Seoul

Passing through Seoul for a two-day layover is a good opportunity to visit this mega city. The idea of looking for accommodation seemed a bit daunting at first, but we soon found a place in a good location, and reasonably priced.

K-haus Gwanghwamun (patio) in Seoul source: booking.com

We found K-haus Gwanghwamun on booking.com which perfectly fits our budget. We booked a family room (sleeps three people) for two nights at 240,000 KRW ( for about € 160). Booking with booking.com was very easy!

I just love the patio and imagine sitting out there in the evening. I expect the city to be busy and loud, but a few drinks and some good company might help drown out the noise.

Review of this very new hotel is soon to follow.

From Incheon International, you can get there by –

1) Airport limousine (bus)
10,000-15,000 won per person.
No need to transfer, and it is only 200-250m walk from the bus stop.

The Airport limousine bus number 6002  comes closest to K-haus.
It takes  about 40-60min by the bus and then another 5-8 minute walk.

* The bus could be a little bit faster than a car because of “Bus only lane”.
*  The airport limousine bus stop is across street from spot (2) on the map attached (map will be sent to you by K-haus).

We have opted to take the bus.

2) Subway
Takes about an hour and a half.
Transfer to line 5 at Gong-deok station to get to Gwanghwamun Station.

My Korean friends have cautioned me about taking the subway. It is a very complex system, so try to avoid it if you are new in town.

3) Taxi
Takes about 1 hour.
The charges start at 65,000 won, be prepared to pay more (night time rate, etc.)

Some taxi drivers might have a difficult time finding a smaller place such as the K-Haus. Bring along the map,  in any case.


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