Kyushu Sights to See

As Korean Air finally confirmed our flights to Fukuoka, via a two-day stop-over in Seoul, I have been busy contacting Japanese friends to let them know of our visit.

I am not a big fan of big cities such as Seoul, but I might as well include this into our travel plans. Taking pictures, eating lots of wonderful Korean food, and seeing a few former students of mine, should be the highlight of this short visit.

I prefer the countryside for its slow pace. Big cities are just too generic. If my Korean were any better, I would attempt to explore the Korean countryside. Maybe next time.

This time, we will focus on Japan once more. Again, we will purchase a five-day Kyushu JR railway pass which lets us travel all around the island with stops in Kitakyushu, Beppu, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, and Goto Islands. Each destination has its purpose, of course.

Kitakyushu is the place where I spent three years and therefore have quite a few friends there.

Beppu was great last time – I enjoyed being buried in black sand (see my previous post)

While living in Japan, I never made it down to Miyazaki and this photo, posted by a former student of mine on Facebook, finally convinced me to add it to my list of things to see.

Miyazaki-ken, Japan

Kagoshima is known for its heavy drinkers. Can’t pass this one up! Might have to teach them a lesson or two on drinking beer. . . but keep away the Shōchū (焼酎), a Japanese distilled beverage.

Nagasaki is where we have good friends and from there we will take the ferry to one of the main Goto Islands. Not sure yet which one is the best one to see, but I hope for some recommendations.

Our itinerary is slowly taking shape for visiting Kyushu during cherry blossom time!



  1. I ran across your blog looking for cherry blossom photos. I lived in Isahaya many many years ago as an exchange student at Chinzei Gakuin/Nagasaki Wesleyan Junior College. I miss Japan so very much. I hope you enjoy your trip. Perhaps one day I can take my kids and husband to Japan. No where else on earth compares in my mind.

  2. How nice of you to leave a few lines! It is funny when I trace back our connection to Isahaya… I had met this Japanese girl at the former Western Maryland(USA) library. She was the one who encouraged us to apply to the JET program. For a while she stayed with us before transferring to Wesleyan College Tennessee. Then, while in Japan, we visited her folks and we have become good friends with them as well.
    Arriving in Japan, I spent my very first night and magnificent morning in Isahaya, at my friend’s parents’ house. Shortly after that, I left for Kitakyushu.
    I will be throwing some sakura petals in the air for you, Misty.

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