Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

My friend, Bea, and I share the longest friendship, which goes back to the early 1970s. We both lived in the same Franconian village, and have been friends since junior high. For many years, we only communicated via handwritten letters across the Atlantic.

With the advent of the internet, we started communicating more often again. In the past, we used to have only one day together, before she had to return to the USA. This time, we had three whole days to spend together. We both refreshed our Franconian dialect in no time.

Bea from McAllen, Texas

Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Yes, it is visiting season in Germany. Here I am with my best childhood friend from the small village of Hambach in northern Bavaria. She also reminded me that it had been her idea to post photos of all the beer balcony visitors on this blog.

We looked up the date of my first post on this topic – it was August 2013. This is post # 35.

With my best childhood friend, Bea, from McAllen, Texas

Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

On May Day of this year, my best childhood friend arrived from the USA and came to stay with us for a day. Mayday is a holiday and so we had plenty of time to sit on the balcony, catch up on news, and have a good time.

We don’t see each other often, because we live more than 10.000 km apart. When my friend does come over for a visit, then it is primarily to see her family in northern Bavaria.

Over the years, we realized how difficult it can be to get together. Once you are with family and siblings, it is almost impossible to get away to see a friend and I know this from my own experience. Nowadays, when she arrives in Frankfurt, she comes up to Oberursel on her first day. Then the rest of her time is spent with her German family.

Balcony with Bea

With Bea from McAllen, TX/USA

 At first we spoke German. With each additional beer, our conversations turned more and more to English.

By the time we got to our last beer, we were chatting in heavy Fränkisch (Franconian), our hometown dialect we shared growing up together.

Shipley Sighted in Mc Allen, Texas

This is the third post of “Shipley sighted in Texas”.

Interestingly enough though, most Shipleys had not only settled on the East Coast, but also remained there. We know, as my husband owns four books of The Shipleys of Maryland (family history and genealogical research).

This was passed on to me by a German friend who lives in Mc Allen, Texas (thanks, Bea).

Shipley Do-Nuts in Mc Allen, TX (source: The Monitor)

You can read more at Valley Breakfast: Shipley Do-Nuts in Mc Allen from The Monitor.

Shipley Sighted in Houston, TX

Another Shipley photo turned up on the internet, which I have just discovered on Facebook. No source was cited, but if I hear from the photographer, I’ll be sure to give due credit.

Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston


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