Storm Weather Service Notifications

The Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) offers a free subscription service for its readers. Since its launch four years ago, 50.000 have already subscribed.

As a subscriber you can get notified in the case of:

* Thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, snow drifts, black ice, or extreme heat

* Fog and frost warnings for the Baltic Sea and North Sea

* When subscribing you have the opportunity to list each need for information in three categories, e.g. you can check for e-mail notification for either light, medium or heavy snow fall. For example, getting notified for a light or medium snow fall may benefit house owners or Hausmeisters to know when to get up early to clear the sidewalk. Or you may also subscribe to only hail warnings, to know ahead when to move your car under cover.

Interested? Then visit for more information (German).

Snow Impressions from Germany

We have been having quite a bit of beautiful snow in the last couple of days.

Our apartment building is serviced by a snow removal company, the walk way gets salted, and everything I need is in walking distance. Winter shows only its pretty side to me.

Some early morning in Oberursel

Elderly lady braving a walk through last night's snow storm

7:45 the time kids walk to school (school begins at 7:55)

View from my computer desk

The scenery has completely changed again as heavy snow is falling right now, performing many twists in midair. The wind is chasing the snow sideways and even up again.

Nevertheless, I need to get to the supermarket as I promised my family Schweinebraten mit Klössen und Sauce (pork roast with potato dumplings and brown gravy), a good German winter food.