Getting a Costly Driver’s License in Germany

A couple of years back, I had written about this topic, when are son turned 17 and the first neighborly inquiries were made about whether he was getting his driver’s license soon.

Coming of age in Germany means getting your driver’s license. And of course, this is the case for most other industrialized countries too. But in Germany, the average cost is between euro 2.000 and 3.000.

Almost prohibitively expensive, I’d say. So when I read the ad “Sparen für den Führerschein” (Saving for the driver’s license) with the capture “Originelles Weihnachtsgeschenk” ( fancy Christmas gift idea), I had to chuckle a bit again.

The ad goes on saying “… by saving money now, you can help fulfill the young one’s dream of getting the driver’s license or car… save 15 euro monthly, earn 0.5% – 1.7% interest and after 18 years of saving, you can afford going to driving school…”

Wow. I got my U.S. driver’s license for US $ 20 and so did my husband. Our son (U.S. American and German citizen, born in Japan) now resides in the U.K. where he is not likely to get his driver’s license while going to college.

Germans, on the other hand, are quite eager to get this six-month Fahrschule started and done with. Life would seem incomplete without the Fahrvergnügen and Führerschein.

We are more keen on getting his “Collegeschein” (I’ve just made this one up) and be able to pay for it till the end… at a much higher cost.

Germans love their cars and some recycle old ones into furniture, see recycled Trabiant Sofa.