Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Right after we took the previous Beer Balcony photo yesterday evening, we had our next visitors coming up the stairs.

Lisa (on the left) also attended the same international school with son Thomas and friend Gareth. So it was a small 10-year reunion. This all happened by chance.

Beer Balcony with Rita & Lisa

Lisa, originally from Bad Homburg, is currently enrolled at university in Aberdeen. I’ve got her mom on the other side.

Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Earlier this past week, we had visitors here from Paris for four days. This must have been the first time we failed to have our Beer Balcony picture taken! But I know they will be back, so there will be a next time.

This weekend, we welcomed Gareth from PA/USA into our home and onto the balcony. Son Thomas and he used to be schoolmates at Frankfurt International School (FIS) in Oberursel until Gareth left in 2005. Another thing they have in common – they were both born in Japan, within three months of each other. Well, you know, expat kids.

Beer Balcony with Gareth W.

Thomas with Gareth from PA/USA, who is currently in Düsseldorf for German language studies and visiting Oberursel for German culture studies. 🙂


Shipley Sighted in Brentford, United Kingdom

This photo was contributed by my friend, Dilshini S., and was taken on the Chiswick roundabout in Brentford, U.K.

Chiswick roundabout

The family owned road haulier company was established in West Yorkshire in 1980. And no, we are not related to them.

Shipley Sighted in Mc Allen, Texas

This is the third post of “Shipley sighted in Texas”.

Interestingly enough though, most Shipleys had not only settled on the East Coast, but also remained there. We know, as my husband owns four books of The Shipleys of Maryland (family history and genealogical research).

This was passed on to me by a German friend who lives in Mc Allen, Texas (thanks, Bea).

Shipley Do-Nuts in Mc Allen, TX (source: The Monitor)

You can read more at Valley Breakfast: Shipley Do-Nuts in Mc Allen from The Monitor.

Shipley Sighted in Houston, TX

Another Shipley photo turned up on the internet, which I have just discovered on Facebook. No source was cited, but if I hear from the photographer, I’ll be sure to give due credit.

Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston