Review on Holiday Rental in Maasholm

For our summer holiday, we rented the ground floor apartment called Großer Onkel in this house. There are three apartments available; one on the ground floor, the top floor and another one in the back in the back. Our apartment had the most splendid view over the Schlei Bay – you can see the sun setting light reflected in the windows.

We had our holiday before the official beginning of summer break for the German schools, so rates were decent. We paid about 1100 euro for a two-week rental.

Maasholm is a quiet fishing village and it remained quiet until we left mid-July, that’s when the first German states started their summer break.

Vacation rental in Maasholm

View onto the dining area and living room. This is a spacious arrangement and the four windows made it an airy place.


The evening view, with the sun setting over the Schlei Bay, made it very memorable.

From our windows

From our windows

I enjoyed many evenings sitting there by the window with the last rays of sunshine. A good book, my feet propped up, and the stillness of the evenings made my holiday complete.

By the window

This fire place was an added feature, which of course, we did not use during the record breaking temps of 32°C while we were there. But it made the place cozy, nevertheless.

fire place

This was my favorite spot every morning. Not with the wine bottle, but a cup of coffee. 🙂 As the sun came around in the morning till early afternoon, this was a sunny place to spend my time reading.


The things I missed in this place were a toaster and internet connection. I got pretty good at toasting bread in the frying pan and for internet connection, I used the hot spot at the Maasholm Yachthafen (a two-minute walk away).

It was a perfect holiday – the location was beautiful and quiet, the restaurants served good food, and people were very friendly. This was the first time ever I thought to myself, “I could stay longer”.

We found this rental on HomeAway:

Review for Indian Restaurant Shilpa in London

Just this past Saturday, around the same time, my travel companion and I had dinner at the Indian restaurant Shilpa on King Street in London.

Before we left Frankfurt, we looked at quite a few restaurant recommendations on King Street and chose Shilpa for its good reviews. King Street has a big selection of ethnic restaurants to choose from (Lebanese, Moroccan, Indian, etc). I say big selection, because I live in a German town with a population of only 44.000 residents and just a few ethnic restaurants.

It was early Saturday evening, so there was only one other table seated with guests.

Indian Restaurant Shilpa in London

Indian Restaurant Shilpa in London

We chose Lamb Roganjosh and Chicken Tikka Masala, with a Pappadam set for starters.

It took quite a while for our food to make it to our table, but we used our time wisely and comforted our hungry stomach with beer and wine, respectively.

Indian food

The Chicken Tikka Masala was good, but the Lamb Roganjosh was better. I had assumed it came with rice, so when we were asked whether we’d like to have bread or rice with our meals, we ordered rice. Surprisingly, this was charged extra at  £ 3 a bowl.

Our waitress was very patient and friendly. Her service almost made us feel like we are at home (without my teenage kids bickering, that is). I felt like I could have asked her for just about anything, and she would have delivered.

Service definitely gets *****, the food was good, but less would have looked more appetizing. We really enjoyed our Pappadam set (£ 2 ) with the various dips and chutney.

I can recommend it if you like a simple ambiance, value good service, and enjoy big meals at decent prices.

* Restaurant Shilpa:

Review for Vacation Rental in Lunenburg, NS

This accommodation was the last one on our road tour through parts of Canada and the USA. Not only was it the last one, but also the best one.

We had stayed in hotels, motels, lodges, vacation homes, vacation apartments, and in a boat house. All that in 18 days.

This apartment my husband had booked via and it was wonderful due to its location, spaciousness, and level of comfort. I especially enjoyed the sunny deck overlooking the Bluenose Wharf.

Lunenburg, NS

This was my favorite spot in the morning. Even though the apartment is right in the center of this UNESCO town, it is a rather quiet area.


This loft-style apartment is spacious and allowed even for a work place area. The bedrooms were average size, and fortunately equipped with ceiling fans. It was very hot and humid one day, which was not the usual weather, so we had been told.

sunny apartment in Lunenburg

From the deck you can see big schooners,  sailboats,  and other vessels coming into the Bluenose Harbour.

Two things I recommend while in Lunenburg are: have dinner at the restaurant The Great Dane and take a sailboat tour on the Eastern Star (just walk down to the wharf to buy your tickets). Both events  are very memorable!

sailing around Lunenburg

Sailing around Lunenburg

mussel lunch at The Great Dane

Dining at The Great Dane


Review for The Great Dane in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

While in Lunenburg,  also the last leg of our road trip, my husband spotted the sign Muscles and Beer Lunch for C$ 15 near our vacation rental. It was past lunch time, as a matter of fact, it was early dinner time, but we thought we’d try it anyway.

We sent our kids off to go to Subway while we enjoyed sitting in the restaurant’s small patio outback. And yes, my husband was able to get the lunch special  with beer and I ordered Manhattan clam chowder with a glass of red wine.

It was such a treat for the two of us to sit outside, relieved the kids were so happy to be allowed to eat at Subway, and we all got a little break from each other.

mussel lunch at The Great Dane

mussel lunch at The Great Dane

My Manhattan clam chowder was superb. I admit, I do not care for mussels, so I shoved them onto my husband’s plate. I like their taste, but do not care for their texture. The soup came with bread as well. What a tasty treat at C$ 6.

Manhattan clam chowder

Manhattan clam chowder

Next was the desert. The lemon souffle offered sounded very nice and it was. Not only for the stomach, but also for our eyes.

Lemon Souffle

The next evening, we decided to go back once more, but this time with our children. We tried a few other items on the menu and everything was excellent.

My husband had the Lobster & Tender (Premium Filet Mignon, butter poached lobster and smashed potatoes) for C$ 35.

Lobster & Tender

Lobster & Tender

Another unusual dish was the Danish Coconut (lamb fondue) at C$ 13. Everyone who tasted this – yes, we do share newly discovered food – loved it.

Danish Coconut

Danish Coconut

The Great Dane has the finest and most selective dishes. I wish we had a restaurant like this around here. This cuisine is a big bonus to Lunenburg and if I ever return, this restaurant would be part of the reason.


Review for Surf Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH

While staying at the Marri0tt Hotel in Portsmouth (recommendable), I asked the receptionist for a seafood restaurant recommendation.

She suggested the Surf Restaurant on 99 Bow Street. When we got there, we only had to wait a couple of minutes to be seated, even though the restaurant seemed packed.

We ordered the NE Baked Seafood Dinner, Shrimp Vindaloo. Bamboo Shrimp, and for myself, I ordered the Blackened Fish Taco.

Shrimp Vindaloo

Shrimp Vindaloo

Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp

NE Baked Seafood Dinner

NE Baked Seafood Dinner

My dinner companions were pleased with their food, but my Blackened Fish Tacos were disappointing. I suppose I expected some Cajun style spiciness to the fish, but I found it bland tasting. Of the three tacos, I could only finish two.

Blackened Fish Taco

Blackened Fish Taco

I’ve read the restaurant has a fine waterfront view. As the restaurant was crowded and our table was next to the entrance, we did not bother getting up to see the view.

The service was excellent as is the case in most restaurants in the States.

I would give the restaurant another try, but would definitely skip the tacos.

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