Bryan Adams in Oberursel 2011

What a night to remember! Most of the day, concert goers had been wondering about whether it would be a rained-out concert like it had been the night before with the Scorpions performance. I was told it started raining when the band came out to play and it stopped raining right when the concert ended.

Fortunately, we were blessed with dry skies, good music, a wonderful atmosphere around the arena, and a top performance by Bryan Adams and his group.

Setting for Bryan Adam in concert Oberursel 2011

While waiting, we could read the twitter feed for our entertainment. This new form of entertainment at a concert was new to me. Goes to show how long I had not been to a concert.

Twitter feed at the Bryan Adam's concert in Oberursel

And here is my favorite picture of “A Night to Remember” with the monitor showing Bryan Adams facing the crowd.

Bryan Adams in concert Oberursel Hessentag 2011

Bryan really hasn’t changed much from the time I saw him in concert in Würzburg in 1988. I have though – I jumped a bit less and applauded without getting bloody palms.

Bryan Adams in Oberursel Hessentag 2011

Our son asked whether Bryan stopped in mid-song to have the audience complete the lines, and yes, he had and most of us remembered enough to sing along, more or less.

[youtube 1swqRA5OiZw]

Another highlight was the spontaneous performance by a young lady out of the audience. Tina, a student from Frankfurt International School, joined Bryan in a song onstage and also added a little dance performance. Saw Tina at the U-Bahn station later on and her reaction to my statement Hi Tina, great performance! showed she had become an instant celebrity already. This is definitely a night for her to remember as well, especially since she got to hug Bryan a few times.

Oberursel and A Morning to Remember

This morning, as I walked out to the zweite Wohnzimmer (endearing term for a German’s balcony), I had this scenery before me.

Stormy skies over Oberursel 7:10 a.m.

Most mornings we had been blessed with blue skies, so this schwarze Himmel (black skies) had me think, just for a tiny moment, that I’d better take a peek at the morning news… to make sure there had been no natural disaster.

This evening, Bryan Adams is performing in Oberursel in an out-door arena, which has been set up especially for the Hessentag (Hessian State Festival). Interestingly enough, the site I had linked to showed several comments such as X is no longer attending the Bryan Adams concert.

The wind is so strong, more rain is expected, but we have our tickets and shall go for Bryan’s  A Night to Remember.

Hessentag in Oberursel

Yesterday evening, a friend called me, persuading me to join her on a visit to the Hessentag fest.

Hessentag in Oberursel 2011

Well, what was supposed to be one hour at a quiet corner of the Hessentag activities, turned into a beach party with blaring music within 10 minutes after our arrival. I had just gotten myself comfortable in a lounge chair when the loudspeakers came on behind us and a young woman started to accompany some party songs with her saxophone.

She played really well,  and I closed my eyes and dozed off, nevertheless.

Oberursel Hessentag

Then I was dragged on for a little tour of the Hessentag activities, but after a while they all looked the same. Loud music, young people, happy faces, food and drink galore.

Unfortunately,  the U-Bahn does not have its train departure announcements set right. Trains are supposed to run in 15-minute intervals, but the message read: Next train – in 49 minutes. I was not willing to wait, so we actually walked home.

We could have called a cab – as a matter of fact, there were quite a few on the road that night – but the night temperature felt good and I have always enjoyed walking. I still would rather walk 40 minutes than wait 49 minutes.

Getting Around by Train during Hessentag

Graham Tappenden, from AllThingsGerman, has written a comprehensive post about getting around during the Hessentag week activities  10 – 19 June 2011.

For many residents around here in Oberursel, the Hessentagswoche seems to be the talk of the day.

I overheard customers at the super market check-out line worry about commuting on overcrowded trains. Older residents from the downtown area of Oberursel are actually leaving town during the time of the Hessentag fest.

If you are one of the brave ones and want to take partake in the festival activities, then read the following post by Graham –  How to get to the Hessentag: By train

Oberursel Hessentag and Blocked Roads

Oberursel is going to host Hessentag from 10 – 19 June. During this time, many major roads in Oberursel will be blocked for regular traffic.

To obtain a pass (to go to and from your home, meet your yoga teacher, chauffeur your kid to school,  go to work, etc.), you have to apply for a permit, either at the local Rathaus or online at hessentag2011 (in German).

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