The End of Askren Manor Housing, Schweinfurt, in 2018

It’s spring 2020 by now, and while sorting through my digital archives, I ran across these images, taken of the former Askren Manor housing in Schweinfurt, Germany in 2018.

Two years ago, the photographer Thomas Liepold shared these images with me, and finally today, I make use of his permission to share them here with you.

Building 520 and Lee Street, Askren Manor
Rubble and Building 520, Askren Manor
DoDEA elementary school Schweinfurt
DoDEA Entrance to Elementary/Middle School, Schweinfurt
Corner of Grant Street and Maple Street, Askren Manor

If you have more information concerning any of these photos, feel free to share this here in the comment section.

I appreciate your valuable memories.

U.S. Military Schweinfurt in September 2013

My husband, a former lieutenant with the 1-10/5-41 FA stationed in Schweinfurt in the late 80s, gave us a little tour as we were passing by in the car. The post looked deserted.

East gate of Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str. (now exit only)

backgate Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str., looking into empty track park… formerly used by 1-10/5-41 Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Div.

backgate fence Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str.

backgate road Ledward Barracks

MP station, Ledward Barracks, located on Franz-Schubert-Str.

Marshall Office Ledward Barracks

Another view of the MP station

MP Parking only Ledward Barracks


Corner of Franz-Schubert-Str. and Niederwerrnerstrasse


Ledward Barracks, south fence, along Niederwerrnerstr.

Front of Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, closed south gate (right side) along Niederwerrnerstr.

Ledward Barracks front gate

Ledward Barracks, still open south gate (left side), along Niederwerrnerstr.

Gate at Ledward Barracks with taxi

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Twenty Hours in Berlin for Justin Bieber

Day Two and the morning of our departure has arrived. I figured we should not leave Berlin without taking in at least one monument. Since our hotel (Ramada Hotel) is fairly close to the Brandenburg Gate, we decided to take this 30-minute walk.

Two Bieber fans in front of the Brandenburg Gate Berlin

There were only few tourists on the former western side of the gate, whereas most tourists were at the Pariser Platz behind it. This is where you also find the Hotel Adlon, where Michael Jackson did his infamous stunt of dangling his baby out of the window. This must be a big tourist attraction, especially since Jackson’s death.

Two guards in front of the Brandenburg Gate

The guard on the right is silver painted and real. It was hard to tell what function either one had except for attracting tourists.

Berlin and boat trips on the Spree River

On our way back, we also passed the Reichstag.

Berliner ReichstagÂ

Last, but not least, I enjoyed the Psst! (Shush!) signs on the Deutsche Bundesbahn train.

Deutsche Bundesbahn reminding passengers to keep quiet

By the time we made it to the train at 11:20, we needed no reminder to keep quiet. We needed to rest in the comfort of our First Class seats (the upgrade was only 8 euro for this round trip). The girls were listening to music while I started the second half of the book The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy 1) (from It takes about nine hours to read this book, or a round trip  by train from Frankfurt- to Berlin. The book is written for adolescents, but I enjoyed it too.

Now I have done Berlin in one day, New York in three days, and Japan in nine days. For most Germans, these “short” trips would be considered not worth going. Any trip visiting a city within Germany should be at least three days and traveling overseas should not be less than three weeks. So I have been told many times – by Besserwisser.

The Smallest Berlin Souvenir

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Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

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