Mittelbergheim in Alsace, France

After we checked out of our vacation rental in Barr, we stopped at the pâtisserie (cake shop) once more to load up on some Americano coffee and croissants while sitting in the sun.

We decided to take the leisurely route home, and stopped in Mittelbergheim to explore it a bit.

We liked it so much that we have plans to spend our next get-away in this village. This photo was taken on the outskirts.

As we walked around, we stumbled upon these tulips in the middle of a vineyard row.

It was just a single row of flowers… among hundreds of others without any.

In the center of the village, we saw this stately door of a 16th century winery.

On our way back through main street, we spotted a stork’s nest.

Stork’s nest in Mittelbergheim

Mittelbergheim, you will see us again in autumn.

To learn more about the Alsace, see Strasbourg, France: Plus Colmar and Central Alsace 

Villages in Alsace, France

The village of Barr, the wine capital of Alsace, also runs the longest Alsatian wine fair (for more than 100 years). But this festival is not until autumn, when the harvest is completed.

Driving between villages, vineyards are what you get to see, wherever you look.

Vosges Mountains, France

On our way, while looking for a Winstub for our second evening, we visited the nearby village of Andlau where we had stayed previously (autumn 2022). In the center are three restaurants, but none of them was open! One was permanently closed, the other one had a big banner advertising staff hire, and the third one was undergoing a major renovation.

Well, at least, we walked to our favorite picnic spot in Andlau and enjoyed this peaceful view.

Andlau, Alsace

My travel partner likes to visit churches. I come along, but only to light candles for our loved ones.

Looking up, I happened to see this unusual contrail. With a glass of wine in hand, I wondered about its purpose. 🙂

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Barr, Alsace in Springtime

As we do most spring or fall breaks, we travel to Alsace in France. It is only a short three-hour drive from here (Frankfurt area) and an Alsatian village in the Vosges Mountains provides the perfect get-away.

This time, we chose Barr, a fairly quiet village to the south of Obernai, in the Bas-Rhin department. It gets rather overlooked by the usual tourists. We like it this way.

Only this time around in Barr, we found most Winestub (Alsatian-style pub/restaurant) to be closed. Some looked permanently closed, some were maybe shut down permanently. Others were listed as open, based on the website, but we found them closed as well. Of the dozen or so Winestub or restaurants in Barr, we found only one open on our arrival day:

Restaurant Caveau Folie Marco

We enjoyed a very good dinner ( I had La Munstiflette), and the ambiance and service were excellent.

La Munstiflette at Folie Marco

Friends like to ask what we do on these quiet days in Alsace. Well, we walk a lot, eat well, take afternoon naps, enjoy wine in the evenings, walk some more, and have time to reflect. We like to visit ourselves.

We had rented a half-timbered vacation home close to the village center, and everything was in walking distance – as it should be.

Autumn in Dambach-la-Ville in Alsace, France

We spent three days in Dambach-la-Ville, and it made for a wonderful change of scenery.

There are some small villages with really impressive buildings. This one is asking people to donate blood (Offrez votre sang).

In that same village, an otherwise ordinary village well has a carved top.

Between villages, all you see is vineyards along the road.

Our courtyard patio with some essentials: a candle and a corkscrew

The walnuts we gathered on one of our walks.

Our last evening stroll through the village.

Our bags are packed and ready to go. Bye, bye Dambach-la-Ville.

On our next visit to Alsace, we hope to stay in the village of Barr. We came through Barr on one of our drives, and it looked just as inviting as this one.

October in Dambach-la-Ville in Alsace, France

Here are some more impressions of our third visit to the village Dambach-la-Ville in Alsace.

This group of kindergartners had just passed us, and it was really sweet to hear children’s voices say Bonjour.

We also explored the neighboring villages. Here we were not sure if we could continue driving. The sign ‘Nothalten’ was a bit confusing to me as a German. Nothalten could mean only stop in case of a Not (emergency), so we decided to turn around.

Later, we found out it was just the name of another village. 🙂

Heading to Nothalten, France

We are in vineyard heaven, and any remaining grapes are a beautiful sight to see in the October sunlight.

More color coming your way!

Autumn in Alsace

This is just the main road of a typical Alsatian village. This is Rosheim.

Rosheim in Alsace, France

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