Dambach-la-Ville, a beautifully quiet town in the Alsace

Between Strasbourg and Colmar, there are quite a few pretty little towns and villages. On our way to Dambach-la-Ville, we stopped in Obernai, which was roaming with visitors on that Saturday afternoon. We did not stay very long.

A fountain dressed in yellow flowers caught our eyes in Obernai.


Dambach-la-Ville is known for its quality wines, and lies on the eastern slopes of the Vosges mountains with a population of around 2200. Its finest wine is the Alsacian Grand Cru.

The first thing we looked for though was our abode, a renovated barn, which we had rented for the weekend.

This barn has been turned into an upstairs-apartment (on the right), and it was perfect for us.

When we weren’t walking around the town, vineyards, or exploring restaurants, we enjoyed spending our time in the inner courtyard.

This is a very clean little town, and its residents take a lot of pride in it.

We explored our neighborhood while it was getting dark already. This is just one of the many roads leading to church.

Dambach-la-Ville in the Alsace

The yellow containers are used for the grape harvest.

We found a restaurant by the town square, where my husband enjoyed a good meal of Schweinebäckchen (pork cheeks). I stuck to wine tasting.

August in Oberursel

We took another stroll through Oberursel on this rather grey day in August. I noticed some things for the first time, even though they must have been here for ages.

Such as this mural, which looks like it filled in the former entrance from the street to a court yard.

Mural of a cider press in Oberursel

The Brauhaus Vetters hosted some guests in the Biergarten – for eating out and drinking beer, Germans do not need sunshine, thank goodness.

Brauhaus Vetters Biergarten on a cool day in August

We have gone down this road many times on foot, but never really noticed this fountain. Well, Oberursel is THE Brunnenstadt (town of fountains), so we are blessed with quite a few fountains around the area and might not perceive them anymore.

Fountain in Oberursel

What looks like autumn leaves are fallen leaves on a bad summer day in August.

Summer temps and sunshine in Germany abandoned us about three months ago.


Easter Decoration in Germany

The tradition of decorating the local fountain near church for the Easter holiday might soon become extinct.

On our drive to Franconia in Northern Bavaria, we only passed two villages with a display of public Easter decoration.

Franconian village Easter decoration

One photo opportunity I missed as we were going around a tight bend in another village, and the third Easter display I found right here in my hometown village of Hambach (suburb of Dittelbrunn, near Schweinfurt).

Easter decoration in Hambach (Franconia)

Customs are bound to change with time.

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