Film about Life in Oberursel

Thinking about moving to Oberursel? Then have a look at this film published by the city of Oberursel. If you lived here once and miss it, you will enjoy it as well. I’ve lived here for 22 years, and call this my home.

Click here for the movie:

Oberursel and St. Ursula Church

Japan, its Children, and the Tsunami

With constant news rushing through our lives, earth-shattering disasters, such as the Tsunami on 11 March 2011, somehow get swept under the daily news flood.

But as the anniversary is drawing near, more documentation surfaces. When I noticed the length of the film (58 minutes), I decided to only have a 10-minute peek at it. But I could not stop watching it.

BBC’s documentary film Japan’s Children of the Tsunami  features children telling their side of the story. A very sober, yet also heart-wrenching documentation about how life goes on for the 80,000 residents, the ones who had to evacuate to emergency housing outside the exclusion zone.

Children narrate their experience during the Tsunami, how they live today, and what their hopes and dreams are for the future.

Personally, I don’t think there is a chance to move back any time in the near future.

One month from today, I will be in Japan once more. We will be touring the island of Kyushu and this will be my first time to travel as a backpacker via JR Railway Pass.

Kyushu is quite far away from Fukushima (966 km/600 miles), but after watching this documentary, I know the aftermath is far from over.

[youtube D_AxnoNrr_8]

Oberursel Film Clip

Today’s local paper carried an article about the production of an Imagefilm about Oberursel. This clip took 23 days to make, 16 hours were initially recorded, and its production costs came close to € 20.000.

I was pleasantly surprised how well our town was captured on film. It featured the Forellengut in the Oberursel forest, a sculptor at work, a car ride through the countryside around Oberursel, the U-Bahn, the Marktplatz, half-timbered houses, and many more sights. It even included several segments of Frankfurt International School.

If you have ever lived in Oberursel and want to reminisce a bit, then watch this clip.

You can watch the kurze Version (a three-minute clip) or the lange Version (an eight-minute clip) on    Oberursel Tourismus.

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