First Snow on the Faroe Islands in 2020

My friend Mariann, whom I had visited on the Faroe Islands in 2008, sent me this photo with the note attached ‘First snow this year’ on 19 November 2020.

I had visited the islands in May of 2008, but I imagine a visit in winter would be just as magical.

On a slightly different note: When I told students I’d be going to the Faroes (short for: Faroe Islands), they all heard Pharaohs. When I asked them to locate it on the map, the islands founds themselves in the weirdest locations. We had some fun with this geography lesson.

Solar Eclipse and Brewing Beer in the Dark on the the Faroe Islands

Back in 2008, I visited my friend Mariann on the Faroe Islands and fell in love with the landscape, the shores, and the islands’ serenity.

Faroe Islands

Mariann just sent me this notification. For those of you with limited Faroese language skills, here is the English version of the announcement (source: VisitFaroeIslands on Facebook) for the Total Solar Eclipse and beer drinking happening on 20 March 2015.

Vagar Airport, the international airport in the Faroes, is located on the island of Vágoy.

The Total Solar Eclipse, which this year can only be seen in the Faroe Islands and Svalbar, is only 33 days away!

Føroya Bjór, a Faroese brewery, have produced a limited edition Solar Eclipse beer.

What’s special about the beer is that it is brewed only in complete darkness and when there is a full moon. The raw materials used are distinct. The water is Faroese, and there are three different types of beer- and wheat malt.

The beer is spiced with special hops imported from New Zealand called Nelson Sauvignon, which relates to the grape of the same type. The beer is golden like the sun, and leaves a dry aftertaste, making it resemble white wine.

If you’d like to come and enjoy a one-in-a-lifetime experience (and some Faroese beer), there are still flights, ferries and accommodation available.

For more information about the Total Solar Eclipse, visit

House for Sale in Skála on the Faroe Islands

Just a few months ago my daughter and I had visited my good friend Mariann in Skála. Now she has just informed me that she has put up her house for sale. I guess it is time to move to the happening place, namely Denmark, again.

We had spent four days at Mariann’s place and my daughter and I loved the house. All, but the bathroom, have been completely redone and it is a nice and welcoming house. There is a supermarket in walking distance and the school is right across the street.

Strange to think this house will change hands and title soon.

Home for Sale

If you are thinking about getting a house on the Faroe Islands, then take a look at its location and interior:

then click on Eysturoy, then click on Skála, then on Vis úrslit for Sethús: Skálavegur 235, 480 Skála

Enjoy taking a pictorial stroll through a beautiful Faroese home.

19 July 2014 edit: the house is no longer on the market

Hej Føroyar: dagur 3 “Message in a Bottle” on the Faroe Islands

A few years ago I had bought a plastic bottle at the Baltic Sea meant for sending a message per postal service or by water. Nevertheless, as it happens with souvenirs sometimes, it just lay around.
In April of this year I took it with me to Japan with the best intentions and I got as far as writing the message while in Japan. Not that Japan does not have enough shore… I just never got the chance to throw it in the ocean.
This time, going to the Faroes, would be different. I flew there, undid the plastic seal, wrote another message on the back of the original letter and had my daughter throw it into the ocean waves at Tjørnuvík. I imagined the bottle traveling for quite some time in the ocean before anybody would ever find it.
But the very next day I got an e-mail from the first finder and I quote her message:

“We found your letter in a bottle on the may 24. 2008, in Tjørnuvík on the Faroe Islands… at 18.30.. sorry it did not get so far. My son at 8 was the happy finder. We live in Thorshavn and was just walking on the beach in Tjørnuvík. If you don´t mind we will pass the bottle on??
from a family in Thorshavn”

I asked them to pass it on once more and I would love to hear from the next “message in a bottle” finder.

Margo holding up the bottle before she threw it into the ocean at Tjørnuvík.

Leaving for the Faroes soon

Faroese puffin

As my trip to the Faroes is only five days away, I am beginning to make a mental list of things to take. I have bought my souvenirs, got my ticket printed out, and of course consider my rain jacket to be the most valuable piece of clothing.

Check here for the weather update

Well, then I realized I had left my husband’s old rain jacket at a friend’s house on my last trip to Japan, so I asked my husband if I could borrow his. Then he confessed he had left his in Paris at his brother’s house, where he stayed for a few days while I was in Japan.

By now you might think we are globetrotters, which we aren’t. I had not been to Japan in 13 years after having spent the best three years of my life there (1992 – 1995) and my husband only went to Paris to visit family….

Well, I will be daring and go to the Faroes without one – a fleece jacket and an umbrella will have to make do.

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