Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Germany

Today, 25 Nov, my husband made a trip down to the Apple Store in Frankfurt. When he returned with some Christmas gifts for the children (can’t say what, even though I am sure our kids do not read my blog), he told me about the welcome greeting at the store.

A salesclerk walked up to my husband, saying Heute ist Black Friday, while pushing a flier into his hands. We both just wondered how many Germans actually know what Black Friday means.

I am not surprised the clerk used the English version as the translation to Schwarzer Freitag definitely stands for bad luck for most Germans. This would be no effective marketing approach.

Nevertheless, just announced its Cyber Monday Blitz Campaign for the German market. Did we have this last year?

Cyber Monday starts 28 Nov and runs for three days, highlighting 350 special offers during this period. Every special offer is available up to two hours. The Blitzangebote (lightning sales) start Monday morning at 9:00 and end at 11 p.m. on 30 November. The discount is up to 50%, but the quantity of the merchandise is limited.

Visit the Cyber Monday Blitz Campaign to do your early Christmas shopping.