Mt. Aso on Kyushu

Back in 2008, we tried to get to the top of Mt. Aso, an active volcano on the southern island of Kyushu (Japan).  Due to heavy sulfur fumes, the top of the mountain was not accessible to the public.

Just this month, we were fortunate to visit Mt. Aso on a sunny morning.

On our way up, we stopped at this roadside stand selling blocks of sulfur.

Blocks of sulfur for sale on Mt. Aso

Notice the shade of green in the bubbling hot water.

Mt. Aso in Japan

This is one of my favorite pictures showing volcanic rock formations and a man-made rail.

Volcanic formations around Mt. Aso

Last, but not least. I have again become a fan of Japan’s unusual fusion food, strange concoctions, and unlikely flavorings, such as this one…. black sesame ice cream.

Black Sesame Ice Cream at Mt. Aso

Out of the unusual ice cream flavors I had sampled during this trip (Black Sesame, Wasabi and Corn), I liked the wasabi flavored one the best (more about that on my post about the Taio Gold Mine near Hita).

Herring with Apples and Cream

Last night, my husband and I went out for our not so regular Friday Night Out. We went to a local pub where they serve typical German dishes, and among them, being a Friday, is a fish dish.

Herring with apples and cream

While we discussed the difference of Matjes Salat and Hering Salat, I noted that the Matjes (white Herring) is saltier than the regular herring.

Matjes Filet is also referred to as Hering Bonne Femme. There seems to be a big difference between Matjes and Hering, and the explanation is, quoting from Leo Dictionary:

A Herring is not a Matjes, because a Matjes is a Hering without fully developed genitals.  Matjes have a higher concentration of fat than normal herrings.

So it seems that Matjes are chubby prepubescent herrings, with a salty taste. Guten Appetit!