Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

Yesterday evening (before the big snow came this morning), I sat with our nephew Jim on the beer balcony in fairly mild weather.

Can you spot what is wrong with the photo..? 🙂

BeerBalcony with Jim

with Jim L. from Biglerville, PA (USA), now currently living in Stuttgart

Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

A week before Christmas, I found out I’d have another beer balcony friend from Korea stop by while touring parts of Europe.  In the end, he brought two more friends and we had a good time on the balcony.

It was a rather mild mid-December day, and there is no snow in the forecast for Christmas 2014 either.

Maria's Beer Balcony

Taesu from Korea on his very first visit to Germany and Hee-Jeong, a local resident

Maria's Beer Balcony

Taesu, Inhyuk, and Hee-Jeong


“This is the time to remember because it will not last forever; these are the days to hold on to because we won’t, although we’ll want to.”
– Billy Joel –

  My life remains very interesting, thanks to all my friends.

When you Google Beer Balcony in Germany

When you google beer balcony in Germany, you get to see a bunch of happy friends of all makes and models. Yes, it looks like united nations as we all look different in our model, but yet are from the same make.

The beer balcony is in use in all seasons, at all times of the day, and to any kind of friendly visitor.

Reservations are required and must be made at least two days prior to your visit. 🙂

google & beer balcony

German Advent Calendar for Beer Lovers

The advent calender (German: Adventskalender) counts the days from 01 – 24 December, when we celebrate Christmas in the evening.

The tradition of the advent calendar dates back to the 19th century (Lutheran origin) and was originally intended for children to shorten the waiting period till Christmas Eve.

This would make an interesting present for anyone new to Germany and should be given before 01 December.

Bye, Bye, Schweinfurt

The remaining U.S. troops are soon to leave Schweinfurt for good, signaling the end of an era. For all of you who have served and worked in Schweinfurt, these photos are for you.

The SKF building, one of Schweinfurt’s landmarks as you come into the city. Not a pretty one, but you know you’re almost there.

SKF Schweinfurt

SKF Schweinfurt

A70 to Schweinfurt

A70 to Schweinfurt

Those two towers below, you will surely not miss. But again, they served as landmarks. Years ago, heading to Schweinfurt from Frankfurt with two small children in the back seat, we would lower the car window to let in some cooler air (we had no A/C back then) after we got off the Autobahn.

With that, we’d get a good whiff of country air, then the kids would wake up, see Luke & Duke, and exclaim “We’re almost there!”

Luke & Duke AKW

Luke & Duke AKW

Schweinfurt is surrounded by so many villages with Bierfests and Weinfests. One of our favorite one has always been Wipfeld and its neighboring villages. We love the vineyards, the view onto the Main River, and the quaint little fests of all kinds.

Franconian village, Wipfeld

Franconian village, Wipfeld

Last, but not least. Some of you might miss the Franconian beer. Then dream of this one.

Franconian beer

To all the short-timers out there – listen to this song, when you’re in the mood.

Bye, bye, Schweinfurt by the local band “Royal Riches”:

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