Camp King Oberursel and the Mountain Lodge

On this drizzly Christmas Day, we took a little walk around the neighborhood while disposing of all the paper trash, mostly gift wrap from last night’s Christmas celebration. In Germany, we celebrate and do the gift exchange on 24 December.

If I remember correctly, most of the apartments at the Mountain Lodge have been sold already.

Mountain Lodge Oberursel

For more photos of the projected apartments, visit:


Brunnenfest in Oberursel 2013

Oberursel’s Brunnenfest runs from Friday, 24 May until Monday, 27 May.

Oberursel, often related to as the Brunnenstadt (Brunnen: fountain, spring, well), is home to more than 60 fountains, springs, and wells.

Yesterday evening, we took a little walk through the fest area and looked at the preparations being made. Of course, we hope for warmer temps as this has been a very cool month of May so far.

Music will be playing until midnight on both Friday and Saturday, and until 23:00 on Sunday and Monday.

Drinks can be served until 01:00 on both Friday and Saturday, and until midnight on Sunday and Monday (same hours go for the amusement park rides).

And yes, it’s true. There are no fireworks this year due to financial reasons.

What do the locals residents do for these four days when there’s little sleep, no chance to get out by car, etc? I had overheard a conversation on the bus a few years ago, “My husband and I always leave town during Brunnenfest and rent a quiet place in the mountains”, she said.

St. Ursula Church

St. Ursula Church

Brunnenfest amusement park

Brunnenfest amusement park


Around the Marktplatz

Around the Marktplatz

Marktplatz in Oberursel

Marktplatz in Oberursel

For more information about the events taking place during Brunnenfest, visit Vereinsring Oberursel.


Frankfurt and Sunday Shopping Calendar for 2013

For some readers, who are not familiar with our German shopping laws, this might seem unusual.

Things have eased up a bit over the years, giving individual states the choice of whether to have shops open and running or not. Before this adjustment was made all shops had to close on Sundays (except for open markets and fairs).

Our state of Hesse just announced the dates for the four (limited!) Sundays for Sunday shopping. An unusual concept for many Germans, and the shops are usually full on those days.

The German term is Verkaufsoffene Sonntage (no proper translation is available at this point).

Sunday shopping 2013 calendar:

* 14 April (same Sunday as the Dippemess/Frankfurt Fair)

* 26 May (same Sunday as the Wolkenkratzerfestival /Skyscraper Festival)

* 15 September (same Sunday as the International Auto Ausstellung (IAA)), but restricted to certain parts of town

* 13 October (same Sunday as the world’s biggest Book Fair)

This new trend of keeping shops open on certain Sundays has been labeled a positive move by our economic experts. Long overdue, but all in good German time.

Christmas Tree Pick-up Oberursel 2013

This coming Saturday, 12 January 2013, Christmas trees will get picked up again.

Either throw it off the balcony (like we do every year) from your apartment building or, if you live in a house, just drag it to the roadside.

Christmas trees in Germany get recycled. Most of the wood is turned into wood chips, so I’ve been told.

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