Oberursel and its Twin Cities

Oberursel’s Twin Cities

The city of Oberursel has several twin cities such as Epinay in France, Ursem in the Netherlands, Rushmoor in Scotland, and Lomonossow in Russia.

There is a regular exchange of official visits, respective vendors attending our seasonal markets, among some other activities.

In 2011, the city had to cover these costs: € 175.250,00 for Städtepartnerschaften (twin cities). This is a lot of money considering visitors have to pay their own travel fare and are often accommodated for free.

Page 479 of the budget book claim € 81.900 for Sachkosten (cost of materials/non-personnel costs) as well as € 38.850 for subsidies.

Public Relations do have a hefty price-tag.

Germans are no longer World Travel Champions

Based on stats released by the governmental tourism bureau of China, Germans have just been moved to second place on the list of Reiseweltmeister (world travel champions).

Results from other tourism offices differ from this latest result, but are in agreement to China beginning to overtake the Germans in regards to Reiselust (also similar to Wanderlust).

In 2011, Germans spent almost 61 billion euro on travelling with the favorite locations being Germany itself, Spain, and Austria. The euro numbers for travel spending in 2012 are expected to be even higher.

Fog in Frankfurt

This photo was taken 28 Nov 2011 when we had a rather heavy fog around the area.

Two days ago, or almost four weeks later, I got permission from Brigitte Wagner via Facebook to post this photo on my blog. Never too late to share, right?

Frankfurt skyline and fog

(with friendly permission from Brigitte Wagner)

Merry Christmas everyone! Frohe Weihnachten an alle!


List of Christmas Markets 2011 in Germany

Most Christmas markets start on the First Advent, 27 November 2011.

The big town markets run for four weeks all the way up to Christmas Eve, whereas the small towns usually have it for a few days only (Thu – Sun) only.  Our local town of Oberursel/Taunus has its market running from 24 – 27 November 2011.

Plan your Christmas market hopping with the help of this excellent website List of German Christmas Markets 2011.

If you are not in Germany, then enjoy this armchair travel to the Frankfurt Christmas market.

[youtube MN4GgCUD8zY&feature=player_embedded#!]

Glühwein – Lebkuchen – Schnee – Lichter – Tannenbaum …

First Snowfall in Germany

Yesterday, The Local reported about the first snow fall in Germany: Cold front blankets Brocken in snow.

Based on this German Weather Forecast, we can expect a normal to slightly cooler winter period 2011/2012.

Well, the Glühwein (mulled wine) and Lebkuchen (gingerbread) are already on the local supermarket shelves.

Glühwein und Lebkuchen

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