U.S. Army Halloween Parties at Mainberg Castle in the 1980s and 1990s

The Mainberg Castle historian, Thomas Horling, is looking for any information, photos, and keepsakes, relating to Halloween parties held by the U.S. Army back in the time of the late 1980s up to early 2000.

If you have anything to share, this would be great.

You can do so here in the comments, or write directly to Mr. Horling at: fv.schloss@mainberg.de

Mainberg Castle near Schweinfurt

German-American Volksmarch Commemorative Plates from the 1970s/1980s

As I have reached the age of downsizing, I take more frequent trips down to the basement. We have been in one location for the past 27 years, but I swear, some of the current basement finds must have sneaked in at night. I have no idea how they ended up here.

Yes, the reference Hambach (in green) to my hometown village is clear.

Spvgg stands for Sportvereinigung (game association)

Before these plates move on, I want to share these period pieces with you.

German-American Volksmarch 1978
German-American Volksmarch 1979
German-American Volksmarch 1980

Maasholm, a Fishing Village on the German Baltic Sea

The second week of our summer holidays, we spent in Maasholm, a small fishing village on the German side of the Baltic Sea. We had been here once before in 2014, and enjoyed what it had to offer: quaint accommodations, a supermarket, some restaurants, many walk ways, and plenty of rest in our comfortable renovated farm house on Main Street.

We drove for about 2 1/2 hours from Sydals, Denmark, to Maasholm. In the evening, we took a stroll around the coast as usual.

An upcycled fishing boat makes for a nice place to sit, especially out of the cold wind in the evening.

Maasholm on the shore
Maasholm Port with rainbow

Tüünlüüd, this street name gets me every time. Four ‘U’s with Umlaut!


Eating well is another reason for spending time at the coast.

This is our vacation rental on Maasholm Main Street. Despite its location on main street, there is hardly any traffic noise, and off season, there are only few people to wander around as well. That’s me sitting on the bench.

As usual, my favorite spot is the one hidden away. This is for my quiet time.

Our Vacation Rental in Sydals, Denmark

Denmark has a lot to offer. What I will remember the most is the Danes’ casual friendliness, their selection of hot dogs, and the many beautiful meadows.

Another stunning door on some small town main street.

This was our vacation rental, a renovated farm house run by Sabine and Matthias, a lovely couple.

The best place for me, while the sun was rising and setting, was this outdoor setting.

I spent most of my time outdoors. Yes, I am weatherproof. 🙂

Passing Former Ledward Barracks in August 2022

While attending my brother’s wedding in Werneck in early August, we also drove by Ledward Barracks as usual.

These are some random photos taken from the passenger side driving down Niederwerrner Straße.

This type of free-standing cylindrical advertising column, referred to as Litfaßsäule, was named after its inventor, Ernst Litfaß. More about that on wiki. I wonder when we will see the last of them…

This is the new Hochschul-Campus in Schweinfurt.

Former Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt, August 2022
Main Gate Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt

And last, but not least, if you keep driving down this road, you will see the Biergarten & Restaurant Alte Warte on your right. It is a good place to stop on a warm summer evening.

I had a Paprikaschnitzel (bell pepper Schnitzel). In former times, while you might have been stationed here, this was known as a Zigeunerschnitzel (gypsy Schnitzel). In times of political correctness, a few dishes had to be renamed as well.

Paprikaschnitzel at Alte Warte, Schweinfurt

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