Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch Medals

The other day, my husband mentioned his sister’s inquiry whether we still had Volksmarsch in Germany (Americans usually pronounced it Folks March). I had completely forgotten about this type of German marching event.

With my sister-in-law coming to Germany next week, she might have fancied going on another one as she had participated in a few when she used to live here about 25 years ago.

Then yesterday, rummaging through the contents in my parents’ old house, I found a wooden box containing at least forty Volksmarsch medals. My hometown village of Hambach (near Schweinfurt) had organized these in the 70s.

Going through my parents’ old farm house is like opening a Wundert√ľte (surprise bag). I do not know how all these medals ended up in the barn.

3. Int. Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch Medal

4. Int. Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch 1976 medal

5. Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch 1977 medal

On the one from 1977, the term international was omitted.

I used the search engine to find more information about these Volksmarches, but nothing came up. As a matter of fact, only one page with about eight articles came up and none of them had anything to do with my search.

If any one of you is interested in having one of these medals, send me an e-mail.





  1. >> If any one of you is interested in having one of these medals, send me an e-mail.

    Good grief Maria, you shouldn’t give away your family history – if there is so little on the internet about Volksmarches, you really should hang on to them (in my opinion ūüėČ

  2. I guess I have reached that stage in my life – after seventeen years of helping clean out my parents’ old farm house, barn and courtyard – that we have to make compromises.
    Our apartment is already home to so many things from our old farm – old milk containers, my grandfathers WW 1 soldier uniform, my grandmother’s traditional clothing (Franconian style), old farming gadgets, and so much more.
    Some things I value, some have to go. And by the way, there are only four types of Volksmarch medals with a total of 40. I can be generous in giving away the doubles. Nevertheless, thanks for the reminder, John.

  3. Anonymous posted:
    I was an American Soldier stationed in Conn Barracks in Schweinfurt Germany 1978-1980
    I participated in several volksmarching events during my tour there. Fred Wurster was the president of the club there. The medals that you found in your parents farm are presented to individuals who walked the 10kilometer or 15k or 20kilometer.

    I miss those days of my tour of duty there as I have fond memories meeting people along that path.

  4. jim north says

    Is there a gude or something that has the value of volksmarch medals?Ive got several(by inheritance)from the early to mid 70s.We were stationed at Bitburgh AFB and thats where theyre from.

  5. Gene Rynko says

    I too have several of these march medals and would like to know if they have any value?

  6. I have not come across a Volksmarch Medal Value Guide yet.
    They are collector’s items though, and to find out more about their value, you could compare it with the current medals being offered on various sites.
    – I’m not affiliated with any of these sites.

  7. I have some VM medal from the 70s,by inheritance, for sale if anyone’s interested.Ill send pics if you want to see them.

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