Oberems in the Taunus Mountains

At the end of yesterday’s drive through the Taunus region, we stopped at a cozy looking guest house/pub/restaurant called Zum Deutschen Haus located in Oberems ( a suburb of Glashütten).

Zum Deutschen Haus in Oberems/Glashütten

Deutsches Haus restaurant crest

Our teenagers settled for French fries, whereas  my husband and I decided to share one dinner, not being very hungry this late in the afternoon.

From the menu at "Zum Deutschen Haus"

We ordered a Karre Mist (a cart load of manure), which consisted of tenderloin in mushroom gravy, served with French fries and salad.  And like the name of the dish indicated, it was served in a trolley.The food was splendid and we will have to eat there again soon!

Zum Deutschen Haus in Oberems

It was a bit difficult to leave this place. It had been so warm and cozy inside, the beer was good, and it had started snowing again. Well, there will definitely be a next time!

Goose Fat on German Rye

A few nights ago, we went to our favorite pub Zum Adler in Oberursel again. This time,  additional dishes offered next to the regular Speisekarte, included a Gänseschmalzbrot (goose fat on dark bread) for € 1,50.

I had never tasted goose fat in my life and decided to try it. It was really good, but should only be eaten twice a year. It looked like regular clear fat (with an orange tint) and is best accompanied by dry white wine. But of course, I had already ordered my regular beer.

Goose fat on dark bread - German style

"Zum Adler" pub in Oberursel

For some, Werner Erbacher’s pub Zum Adler is the zweite Wohnzimmer (second living room). The bar might be lined with drop-ins, such as the one in the photo, but regulars crowd the Stammtisch (regulars’ table). I have talked to some who go there every day!

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