A Night at Zeilitzheim Castle

There are about 25.000 castles and fortresses in Germany. Nobody knows for sure how many there actually are, so the Deutsche Burgenvereiniung (German Castle Association) has decided to do a final count and registration. They expect to have the final results in about ten years’ time.

A week ago, we spent the night in one of these 25.000 castles. Going back to one’s hometown requires accommodation, and over the past few years, we have tried out several places – mostly inns in villages around the northern Franconia area.

This time, we chose Schloss Zeilitzheim (we had spent a night there about 10 years ago). As it was the case back then – we liked the pavilion, the park, and breakfast the best.

We had booked the Kardinalszimmer (sleeps four people) to accommodate all of us.

We enjoyed sitting on the bench looking out over the park.


The castle interior is a museum with its artifacts, showcases in the hallway, and authentic furniture.

I can highly recommend this castle hotel to anyone who just wants to get away for a day or two (or more). Buy a bottle of wine from the owner’s Weingut (winery) and sneak off to the pavilion at night. My husband and I sat there under a starry sky, and had a quiet conversation while sipping our wine. Recommended: Bring a flash light or a candle.

If you like really warm rooms, then I’d suggest you go there during the warmer season. This is a true castle, so in early spring, the rooms/radiators do not heat up so quickly. For me, it was perfect though.

Things to Do In and Around Stuttgart

Our stateside nephew, who is coming to Germany for his honeymoon this month, asked us for some suggestions what to do when he and his wife spend their week in and around the Stuttgart area.

If you have more suggestions, please feel free to share them here.

This might be THE fest in Stuttgart you are looking for.  See cannstatter-volksfest.de/en/landing-page/.
It starts on 25 September 2015 and is in the Top 10 of Germany’s biggest Bierfests.

There’s the Porsche museum www.porsche.com/museum/en/ and the Mercedes museum www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/classic/museum/.

 TripAdvisor lists both museums among a number of other attractions: www.tripadvisor.ie/Attractions-g187291-Activities-Stuttgart_Baden_Wurttemberg.html.
Other websites offer more suggestions: www.stuttgart-tourist.de/en/stuttgart-itinerary and www.traveldudes.org/travel-tips/10-beaten-track-tips-do-stuttgart/13615.
If you like wine, there are tours and tastings on offer: www.weinstube-muz.de/weinproben/weinproben.en.html.
There’s also a wine festival in nearby Untertuerkheim that ends on the 20th.  More info on wine in Stuttgart:  presse.stuttgart-tourist.de/en/wine-wine-growers-and-wine-festivals.

Food and Drink on Mallorca

Here is a short display of the food and drink we had in 48 hours on Mallorca. As we had booked half board at the hotel, our meals outside were lunch, snacks, and drinks only.

Spanish Platter

I have tasted Sangria for the first time in my life.


And yes, we also had our share of tapas. Tapas in Cap Ratjada ranged from euro 1,30 to 2,50. The ones below were only euro 1,30 per serving.


A short stop at the supermarket where I withstood the temptation to buy any wine… until I got to the check-out counter, where the cashier offered a newspaper (promotion deal) for just euro 1,00 which came with a free bottle of wine and some bread spread. They had me then.

A wide selection of wine

Vineyards in Beautiful Franconia

Another drive to my hometown area of Lower Franconia had us stop along the way. Not to smell the flowers this time, but to admire the beautiful hills, men at work, and the progress on the Weinlese (grape harvesting).

Weinberg in Franconia

The colors around this time of year are just superb.

A very narrow tractor works its way through the rows of vines.

Winzer Traktor

As we were driving around wine-making country, I’d suppose this tractor is part of the wine-making process too.

Franconia is home to the Bocksbeutel bottle.

For a place to stay overnight, visit this link on which I left a review for Barockschloss Zeilitzheim. By the way, this same castle has just added wine making to its repertoire of goods and services.

We will get to taste the first wine sometime soon (May 2013).

What we eat in Germany

Well, this might not be what you expected to see. I just had some delicious Bibimbap from our neighborhood Asian supermarket.

Korean Bibimbap in Oberursel/Germany

For the more traditional food and beverages Germans like to consume, visit  What the World Eats at TIME photo gallery, where you can view families from 16 countries showing their weekly food expenditure.

Most families looked rather happy, though the German family (slide 15 of 16) looked as grumpy as ever. Despite all the beer and wine bottles featured on the table.

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