Vending Machines with Oysters to Go in Normandy

We had just made a short stop at the supermarket, when we saw this vending machine as we were pulling out of the parking lot. This was worth taking a second stop for a closer look.

Oysters to go

There are cubicles for every need. Only need a lemon and an oyster knife? Choose#40 at € 3.

Comfort food at your convenience. The French are good at that.

Tobacco and Church in Sicily

On our strolls through Trapani, I discovered this unusual photo on a cigarette machine in front of a tobacco shop.

vending machine for cigarettes with church ad

The photo advertisement on the right side of the machine shows Jesus, I’d assume. Is the church running ads for attracting more members? Are cigarette consumers supposed to feel guilty when buying a pack?

Interestingly enough, one can only buy cigarettes from the machine by inserting one’s health card, I have been told. Would it be the health insurance card? If so, then this is an interesting way of gathering data for health statistics.

Vending machines and beverage consumption in Japan

On our last leg in Japan we stopped at Marine World in Fukuoka. Just before entering the aquarium, we passed this little resting area. Please count – there are seven vending machines – with most of them carrying pretty much the same type of beverages.
These pervasive vending machines are easy to spot – whether backed by a traditional brown home, a hill top with blue skies, or just a bunch of trees.

Vending machines

Seven machines at one stop

The Japanese also tend to buy beverages as a small going away gift. These ubiquitous vending machines provide an instant opportunity to give a present to a departing visitor. While talking to people on the street, you might find yourself suddenly holding a beverage in your hand. On our last day in Japan when I made my rounds to see the former neighbors once more, each of them handed us three beverages. We got back to our friend’s van with 15 cans of gifts.

beverages on the table

A regular evening at the table

(The hand on the left is mine – once again checking to see what kind of beverage I am about to open.)

Well, the following question comes to mind: Does Japan have so many vending machines because of a demand for this much consumption, or do they consume so much because of the supply waiting around almost every corner?

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