Askren Manor, Schweinfurt in December 2017

While visiting family around the Schweinfurt area, we passed by Askren Manor housing today. This has turned into a ghost town.

An article from the Main-Post Newspaper from February 2017 had stated that 28 of the 34 apartment buildings would be demolished by the spring of 2018.  The design for the new German housing development includes room for 1600 residents.

We passed on the east side of Askren Manor (up ahead is the John-F-Kennedy-Ring), where nothing had been touched yet.

Once the plans for this new housing development have been carried out, there will be room for about 1600 new residents.

Conn Barracks Schweinfurt – 37th Armor in 1961

This video clip shows the 37th Armor at Conn Barracks in 1961.

(Video credits go to Hardy Hobbs)

Visit for more about Conn Barracks and Ledward Barracks in Schweinfurt.

Schweinfurt Purchases Ledward Barracks

The city of Schweinfurt has purchased the entire compound of Ledward Barracks, the former U.S. military installation, from the Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA). According to city officials, the municipal council approved the purchase in its meeting on Tuesday.

Subsequent to the notarization of the deed, Mayor Sebastian Remelé and the representatives of the BImA will discuss further details in the main conference room of the city hall on Thursday. Municipal press spokesperson and finance officer, Anna Barbara Keck, stated that the purchase of approximately 26 hectares (64 acres) of land will secure plans for converting the former installation in addition to meeting the city’s developmental needs.

Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt

Ledward Barracks (East Gate), Schweinfurt, November 2014

One segment – 4 hectares (9 acres) – of the former barracks’ area, including six buildings, will be leased for a period of 5 years to the state of Bavaria for the purpose of operating a reception facility for persons seeking asylum.

U.S. Military Schweinfurt in September 2013

My husband, a former lieutenant with the 1-10/5-41 FA stationed in Schweinfurt in the late 80s, gave us a little tour as we were passing by in the car. The post looked deserted.

East gate of Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str. (now exit only)

backgate Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str., looking into empty track park… formerly used by 1-10/5-41 Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Div.

backgate fence Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str.

backgate road Ledward Barracks

MP station, Ledward Barracks, located on Franz-Schubert-Str.

Marshall Office Ledward Barracks

Another view of the MP station

MP Parking only Ledward Barracks


Corner of Franz-Schubert-Str. and Niederwerrnerstrasse


Ledward Barracks, south fence, along Niederwerrnerstr.

Front of Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, closed south gate (right side) along Niederwerrnerstr.

Ledward Barracks front gate

Ledward Barracks, still open south gate (left side), along Niederwerrnerstr.

Gate at Ledward Barracks with taxi

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U.S. Guide to Oktoberfest in Munich

Munich’s famous Oktoberfest takes place for the 179th time and the U.S. Consulate General Munich has compiled some useful information in case of an emergency.

To get a better view of this guide, visit U.S. Consulate General on Facebook.

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