Photo Tour of Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt, Germany in August 2016

A week ago in late August 2016, we passed by Ledward Barracks in Schweinfurt once again. This is a selection of the photos I took at the time.

Ledward Barracks has been closed since September 2014.


Side gate Ledward Barracks

Side gate Ledward Barracks

Coming down the Kasernenweg towards Niederwerrner Strasse.

Ledward Barracks

Construction outside Ledward

Zur Heeresstrasse:Kasernenweg

The Main Gate with its name is still there.

Main Gate Ledward Barracks

Driving down Niederwerrner Strasse.

Niederwerrner Strasse in SW

Intersection Ledward Barracks Schweinfurt

Between 11 April 1945 and 19 September 2014, 100.000 U.S. soldiers and their 300.000 dependents came through Schweinfurt.


Farewell Present from Camp King Oberursel

During yesterday’s opening ceremonies of the Camp King History Depot, a present was given to Mr. Kuhn, a member of the investor group who had purchased the Mountain Lodge a while back.

A plate, depicting the Mountain Lodge, used to be given to departing U.S. military personnel as a farewell present.

farewell present Camp King Oberursel

Update: An article from the Taunus Zeitung mentioned the ongoing renovation at the Mountain Lodge. By the end of 2013, eleven apartments are supposed to be ready for sale.

The sale has not started yet, but inquiries are already coming in.

I’d be interested too, but real estate prices for new houses and apartments in Oberursel have risen quite a bit, and still continue to do so.

American Military Honored in Schweinfurt

Today, on Veterans Day, a small town in Germany added a bit of its own touch to honor all the U.S. soldiers having served in Schweinfurt, Germany. The city has had two U.S. army posts – Ledward and Conn Barracks. Erecting this moment on German ground symbolizes peace and friendship, and honors all who served.

This has also been a great accomplishment for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). This is the first time ever a monument has been erected outside of a military post, said Armithea Sissy Borel, guest speaker and vice-president of the National VWF women’s group. She also thanked the city of Schweinfurt for a partnership lasting almost 70 years.

This monument honors all U.S. soldiers who have served their country (and ours) in more than sixty years. Credit also went to the partnerships and friendships between the Americans and the locals over the years.

Also present were the VFW commander Sean Hillyer and the very last U.S. post commander, Michael Runey. Both emphasized the friendship between the U.S. and Schweinfurt as well as the longest period of peace in history. By the time the U.S. military pulls its last troops in 2014, the mission has been accomplished – to see Germany through the Cold War.

The monument is located in the Alte Friedhof (Old Cemetery), which is also the final resting place for about 40,000 locals.

The eagle, designed by the local artists Steff Bauer and Sören Ernst, is not only representative of the United States eagle, but is also the heraldic charge for both Germany and Schweinfurt.

A little souvenir from the Schweinfurt military post (1990).

To view the photos from the Main-Post Newspaper, visit: Regionale Fotos Main-Post. To read the complete article (in German), visit Der Adler verbindet die Völker (The Eagle Unites Nations) by the same newspaper.

American Military leaving Schweinfurt and Bamberg

We knew it would happen sooner or later. The decision to close the military posts in Schweinfurt and Bamberg was made this very afternoon. You can learn more from the Mainpost article Army verlässt Schweinfurt.

It will take another two to three years before the last U.S. soldier is sent back, but both towns have to prepare for the coming changes, especially in the local economy.

As much as opponents have decried the U.S. presence, there are many others who are very likely to suffer from the G.I.s’ absence.

Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt, Germany

Well, it is time to move on. The U.S. has spent taxpayers’ money for an extra 20 years of military presence, beyond the end of the Cold War. It is time to reinvest.

Bye bye Schweinfurt, a rap song by the group Royal Riches from Schweinfurt.

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