Guided Kronberg Castle Tours

During the summer months, international visitors to Kronberg Castle have the opportunity to join guided tours in the English language.

The 2013 tours take place on the following Sundays: May 5, June 2, June 30, July 28, and September 1.

Each tour begins at 16.30h and lasts about one hour.

Admission is 5,00€ (children 3,00 €, families 10,00€).

Dorothea Peukert
Public Relations
Burgverein Kronberg e.V.

Kronberg Castle and Flashlight Tours

For 30 October 2012, just in time for Halloween, the Burgverein Kronberg offers two flashlight tours through the castle.

These tours are meant to give you an idea what life was like in the Middle Ages. With the help of your flashlight, a guide, and sturdy foot wear, you get to explore the castle interior at night.

Due to popular demand, a second tour has been added to this year’s flashlight tour program.

30 Oct 2012 at 19:00 and 21:30

Please register by 28 Oct at the Burgbüro (office), tel: 06173 – 77 88 or e-mail:

Fee: euro 6 (discounted fee: euro 3)  I’d assume the discount is for students. 

Important: Bring your flashlight!

Beer Tours in Northern Bavaria

Upper Franconia, in northern Bavaria, is host to the highest number of breweries worldwide.

In the early 19th century, there were close to 30.000 Bavarian breweries, among which many would be classified as home breweries by today’s standard. Some were village breweries and delivered only to the local inns. Almost every monastery had its own brewery as well.

In 2008, the number of breweries in Bavaria was 627, of which 300 alone are in the region of Franconia.

The region of Franconia is divided into Upper, Middle, and Lower Franconia – see map.

Upper Franconia, also sometimes referred to as Bierfranken (Beer Franconia) has close to 200 breweries.

Bierland Oberfranken in Upper Franconia offers 54 beer tours throughout the area. For more information, visit Bierland Oberfranken.

Another site, Bierland Franken, offers tips on self-guided tours such as hiking and biking trails, information about beer seminars, etc.

Beer served in Franconia/Germany