What to Do in Tallinn, Estonia in November

Tallinn is known to experience its second-wettest month of the year in November (after June). Well, we were in luck. It was a bit rainy in the mornings, but it usually cleared up towards noon.

We had flown from Frankfurt via Stockholm to Tallinn. When we arrived at the Tallinn Airport, I learned my suitcase was still in Stockholm. Oh well. This was nothing a good local beer could not fix.

This was the first sight we saw entering Old Tallinn.

Old Tallinn entrance

We stayed at the Baltic Hotel Vana Wiru, where they have a very fine restaurant. More about that and Estonian food in a different post.

By midnight, we checked into our hotel, and then went to a pub. By the time we got back, my suitcase had arrived at the hotel too. It was a bit damp from having been out on the tarmac for a while, I’d suppose.

The next day, we hit the Christmas Market several times. Old Tallinn is not that big, so you are bound to cross the market again and again on your way around. We tried different sorts of Glögg (the Baltic version of mulled wine). Interestingly enough, it was often offered in three content levels: 0% alcohol, 11% alcohol, and 21% alcohol.

Glögg’s the word!


Christmas market tree in Tallinn

There are many tourist shops selling their knickknacks, shops featuring amber in any possible form, and there are many cafés, pubs, and restaurants.

Amber jewelry tree

This amber jewelry tree would set you back by € 4950 – in case you were wondering.

I had read somewhere Tallinn would not be so crowded in November. It seems they still have their fair share of tourists during that time of month, especially with the start of the Christmas market.


In my opinion, a full day in Old Tallinn is enough. We had one and a half days, which was plenty. Well, and then, there is always more Glögg.

Locals and Tourists in Seoul

Of course, we have taken many photos of cultural sights such as the Gyeongbok Palace and a few others. But that is not what I want to show here – I find everything else more interesting.

Delivery service in Seoul

Another lady gathering old paper on the streets of Seoul. Our accommodations was located in a fairly quiet neighborhood in Seoul, in the northern central part where all the embassies and consulates are. The roads are very clean, so I imagine there is not that much business for her there.

Gathering old paper on the streets in Seoul

Leaving the Gyeongbok Palace, we saw this interesting ad across the street.

"Naked Museum" ad in Seoul

Passing the Palace entrance once more, this time with guards in authentic costume.

Gyeongbok Palace guards

The streets of Seoul are very interesting – pleasant to your eyes and nose. Last, but not least, the locals were extremely helpful when we asked for directions. Some even approached us offering to help. This was very unexpected as I had been told by Korean themselves not to expect too much help.

A truck load of beans parked on the road side

Seoul is definitely worth another visit someday.